Slipped Discs November 2022

Discs You May Have Missed
by John Noyd

Larkin Poe

Larkin Poe

Initial Thoughts

Show up, show off, November albums stand out. Special efforts pay off in digi-glitched trance-inducer GOLD PANDA’s micro-managed fantasies, “The Work,” polymath JULIEN CHANG’s bedroom yacht-rock holiday, “The Sale,” and deep-fried blues-rockers LARKIN POE’s snake-charming barnburners, “Blood Harmony.” Meanwhile, astral attitudes separate eclectic ethnomusicologist RROXYMORE’s encapsulated habitats, “Perpetual Now,” song-slinger CAITLIN ROSE’s classic Nashville twang-pop, “Cazimi,” and brooding bronco-rocker BREANNA BARBARA’s salty moxie, “Nothin’ But Time,” from earthbound hoi polloi.

Disc Reviews

Weyes Blood - And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow

Weyes Blood - And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow

Weyes Blood

Album title: And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow
Record Label: Sub Pop

Hopeful vocals coaxing post-pandemic paradises from heavenly choirs and symphonic longing, Weyes Blood’s epic introspection mixes forgiveness and regret tinted in angelic visions evoking renaissance canvases washed in lush brushstrokes selling delicate melodies. Humble suffering glorified in gorgeous choruses, poignant hindsight finds, “Aglow,” open to fragile futures, nursing wounded moods into shining reminders rich in pitch-perfect concern and orchestrated empathy.

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Tenci - A Swollen River, A Well Overflowing

Tenci - A Swollen River, A Well Overflowing


Album title: A Swollen River, A Well Overflowing
Record Label: Keeled Scales

Art-song Americana baptized in lively vitality and unpretentious intelligence, “River,” delivers nimble wit with folksy vibrato, slow yodeling and barnyard glissando. Jovial, generous and authentic, Tenci’s warm, wide-eyed warbling transports tender memories into rudimentary ruminations where wonder takes wing and imaginative magic happens in bed-time stories around crackling hearths, nursery-rhyme paradigms dipped in unconditional innocence, searching curiosity and perceptive acceptance

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Smut - How The Light Felt

Smut - How The Light Felt


Album title: How The Light Felt
Record Label: Bayonet Records

Maturity’s uncertainties swim in carbonated guitar-pop daydreams as Smut’s quivering rhythms, beguiling style and wicked riffs infiltrate melancholy rock with shimmering six-string solace, savvy mavericks bringing glistening deliverance to sage survivalists. A bright, tight-wrapped package, “Light,” polishes sentimental gemstones into tasty rock candy, well-designed sunshine baking unshakeable beliefs into stellar celebrations with stepped-up middle-eights crashing baited-hook jangle into towering power-chords.

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Quasi Qui - Downloading A New Operating System

Quasi Qui - Downloading A New Operating System

Quasi Qui

Album title: Downloading A New Operating System
Record Label: microqlima records

Cyber-smart dancefloor funk slung in fretless New Wave genuflections among soft dream-pop propositions, “Operating,” drops sultry bangers among hypnotic cat-walk seductions breathing steamy intrigue into cooing computer grooves. Bite-sized enticements swirling in hip-swiveling pivots and haunting taunts, Quasi Qui’s devious allegiances prance around chance encounters and primal pursuits, post-modern promises teasing charming carnal karma with supple struts and blockbuster hustle.

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Anna Mieke - Theatre

Anna Mieke - Theatre

Anna Mieke

Album title: Theatre
Record Label: Nettwerk

A flagship talent, Anna Mieke’s polyrhythmic wishes conjure cantering banners gently rendering rippling sympathies with placid pageantry, twisted mystery jigs sprinkling baroque jazz-folk riddled in enchanted images.  Mirthful verse carried by squirrely chamber-pop whirlwinds, mercurial urges stirring soothing acoustic nuance, “Theatre,” skips, hops and pirouettes with textured speculations etching breathless wallflower waltzes in flitting dragonfly whimsy and articulate ballroom curtsies.

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Katy Rea - The Urge That Saves You

Katy Rea - The Urge That Saves You

Katy Rea

Album title: The Urge That Saves You
Record Label: self-release

Recorded live, the sensual sophistication exhibited in the uninhibited, “Urge,” merges bookish piano-ballad casualties into compassionate unscripted madness, bold episodes holding thoughts at bay before searing lyrical outbursts burn carousing lounge into the ground. Accompanied by flexible specialists, Rea unleashes sinful incantations with animal grace and grand humanity, rendering scathing impatience in exquisite visits to dark hearts and slithering suspicions.

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Final Thoughts

Whatever you got, make it count. From backroad poet DAWN RIDING’s scorching portraits, “You’re Still Here,” groovy soothsayer “CAPTAIN” KIRK DOUGLAS’ cosmic pulpit, “New Unknown,” and alt-rock posse BIG JOANIE’s embattled challenges, “Back Home,” fear and gratitude accentuate every moment. For better or worse, love turns the ordinary significant. Commiserate with smooth-talker WARHAUS’ edgy pleasures, “Ha Ha Heartbreak,” and melodic country-rock philosophers THE LONE BELLOW’s charitable, “Love Songs For Losers,” then court storied oracle BADLANDS’ hallowed shadow-plays, “Call To Love,” and snarky art-punk anarchist SIZZY ROCKET’s affirmative, “Live Laugh Love.”