Slipped Discs - February 2009

Discs You May Have Missed
by John Noyd

Brighton Port Authority.... Shrouded in mystery

Brighton Port Authority.... Shrouded in mystery

Initial Thoughts

As the second month of the New Year rolls around things come together two by two. Conjuring everything from majestic Euro-pop to post-modern hip-hop to all-American country blues the month is overflowing with marvelous musical twosomes. No two ways around it, February holds a special affection for talented music-making pairs.

Disc Reviews

Dalek - Gutter Tactics

Dalek - Gutter Tactics


Album title: Gutter Tactics
Record Label: Ipecac Recordings

War-torn warnings, terminator trance rock, Dalek’s aftermath raps activate sci-fi assaults for post-nuclear enlightenment, wading knee-deep in cosmic sludge. Air-raid siren Bryons utter sniper-fire rhymes cataloging cataclysmic consciousness, shaking awake the saturated masses through terror-riddled electronics and industrial-strength polemics. Historical facts attack in overloaded circuitry, civil unrest washed in collapsing technology, “Tactics,” survives and defies.

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Dex Romweber Duo - Ruins of Berlin

Dex Romweber Duo - Ruins of Berlin

Dex Romweber Duo

Album title: Ruins of Berlin
Record Label: Bloodshot Records

Rodeo skiffle blends into alleyway noir bleeding between surf-rock riffs and vintage rockabilly licks as long-lost woefulness surrounds DRD’s noble, ravaged aesthetics. A slew of eclectic standards and roots-rock cameos turn, “Berlin,” monumental - six strings strum and rumble, ambling over finger-picking confessions while bristling twang and tremolo gallop through frontier gallows.

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PSAPP - The Camel’s Back

PSAPP - The Camel’s Back


Album title: The Camel’s Back
Record Label: Domino Records

Rube Goldberg whimsy haunts the charming ticks, bells and whistles perforating the toy-box ballet of tropical melodies in Psapp’s chic, elliptical art-pop.  Posh, polished shenanigans bring an edgy restlessness to the subtly playful, “Camel,” where cross-stitched syncopation meets eloquent studio tomfoolery for a computer-soothed jungle gym of twittering symphonies, slithering samples and classical flashes.

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Matt And Kim - Grand

Matt And Kim - Grand

Matt And Kim

Album title: Grand
Record Label: Fader

Parades of pneumatic analogue thump and pummel, emphatic word slams punctuate robust shout-outs, chipper pep rallies rejoice, reinforcing the duo’s sing-along salvos in pressure-cooker choruses, thundering downbeats and consistently insistent grooves whose in your face tastes prove innocent, intelligent and irresistible. Catapulting convictions cheer, steering old school synthesizers into infectious messages and relentless entertainments.

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An Horse - Rearrange Beds

An Horse - Rearrange Beds

An Horse

Album title: Rearrange Beds
Record Label: Mom and Pop

Forceful phrases cement sentry-guard sincerity as Australians Kate Cooper and Damon Cox chop up blockbuster guitar and lock-jaw drums into barricade-bashing heartache and uncaged outrage. Honestly wrought bitterness thrash past social conventions, galvanized sympathies rebel uncorked and poised for pavement-pounding storms drenched in desire as, “Beds,” binge on wide-eyed no-nonsense indie-rock romance.

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Bee And The Bird - Ray Guns Are Not Just The Future

Bee And The Bird - Ray Guns Are Not Just The Future

Bee And The Bird

Album title: Ray Guns Are Not Just The Future
Record Label: Manhattan Records

Baroque toasts, post-millennial torch-songs, gift-wrapped galas and space-age cabaret swoon in woozy angelic caresses firing meticulous missiles, infiltrating cosmopolitan lifestyles. “Ray,” hosts sly cheesecake concertos bursting with zest and cooing with cool, coy élan - champagne jazz dressed in glamorous gossamer rocketing into chiffon and sherbet.

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Final Thoughts

Shrouded in mystery, BRIGHTON PORT AUTHORITY’s, “We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat,” is a brilliant piece of danceable synergy. Auteur NORMAN COOK corralled a dozen artists, including PETE YORK, IGGY POP and DIZEEE RASCAL to devise marauding jive, slippery soul and hip party music that proves greater than the sum of their parts. Fourteen indie artists take a fond look back on the time-tripping, “Guilt by Association Volume 2.” The likes of TOTO, INXS, BILLY JOEL and NEW EDITION get reworked and updated, resurrecting sentimental pleasures into deserving second chances.