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  • Eclectic Vibes - May 2018

    by Andrew Frey

    Bonfire Music and Arts Festival

    Bonfire Music and Arts Festival

    RIP Avicii! Wake me up! Don’t say it’s all over…

    The first local-est camping festival to light up the season is Bonfire.  The efforts of the main people in The People Brothers Band continue to bear fruit as this music venue shows off a hot lineup topped off with Diane Coffee and Charlie Parr, but also containing Frogleg, Wheelhouse, Kind Country, and many others. Add some early summer love to your season May 31 - June 2 at Driftless Music Gardens in Yuba, WI. driftlessmusicgardens.com/bonfire-music-and-arts-festival

    Minneapolis native Har Mar Superstar is an anomaly to be sure. Evolving from his early one man scantily clad hip hop karaoke style performances, he now tours with a full band to show off his swinging singing style. This time around his tour celebrates the songs of his favorite singer, Sam Cooke. Additionally, expect a set of Har Mar Superstar songs inspired by Sam Cooke when he appears in all his glory on 5/11 at Majestic Theater in Madison, WI www.harmarsuperstar.com

    Yodelling is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of electronic music, but thanks to the viral Walmart Yodeling Boy video, that has all changed. I was curious when I noted that a trap remix of this meme broke the top 50 on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Music Chart. (at #9 last I looked!), so after some investigating, I found numerous meme remixes that had several million hits each! In fact, the meme is so strong it has propelled the original top charting Hank Williams’ version of “Lovesick Blues” (the song Walmart Yodeling Boy was singing) to the top of the charts on Spotify and other outlets. All this spawned by 11-year-old Golconda, Illinois, singer and yodeler, Mason Ramsey. Crazy! All hail the mighty power of meme!  www.instagram.com/lilhankwilliams/

    Whenever this five-piece Americana Roots Rock band based out of Chicago, Illinois comes touring through, it is sure to be a party! This time they are touring with with Henhouse Prowlers on 5/17 at High Noon Saloon in Madison, WI and 5/18 at Source Public House in Menasha, WI . If you want even more, consider attending Shoe Fest, the band’s festival held at Camp Shaw in Manteno, IL 8/31-9/2.

    This Month's Rating Scale is from 1 is Supercilious thru 10 is Preponderant

    MITIS - ‘Till The End

    MITIS - ‘Till The End


    Album title: ‘Till The End
    Record Label: Seeking Blue Records
    Rating: 10

    After MitiS’ hard drive crashed without a backup 6 months or so ago, he was forced to redo most of what would become “Till The End. Rather than be defeated, this catalyst gave him the drive and desire to create one of the most amazing EDM releases of the year to date! His resulting approach has lots of attention to details woven into a timeless tapestry of melodic electronica. Additionally, he ups that anti by adding vocalists Gioto, Adara, Tedy, Lauren Hunter, PartyNails, and PRXZM to his mixes. Bravo!

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    Moderator - Sinner’s Syndrome

    Moderator - Sinner’s Syndrome


    Album title: Sinner’s Syndrome
    Record Label: Melting Records
    Rating: 9

    Clever storytelling samples that unhinge deeper philosophical ideas and questions, haunting musical diasporas, and psyched out retro waves are a few of the many noteworthy aspects of this excellent release from Athens, Greece producer, Moderator. Propelled as well by twangy rockabilly, spaghetti western bumps and smokey blues played over often downtempo beats, there are so many aspects and angles to be found here that it is hard to encapsulate them all.

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