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Eclectic Vibes - June 2008

CD/DVD Micro Reviews by Andrew Frey

Lazy River Music & Arts Festival June 27 - 29, 2008 in Elgin Illinois, just outside of Chicago

Been doing some traveling on this end. How about you? Too many great festivals not to partake in some. Do yourself a favor and find out what they are all about.

The Festi Di Bella Sol kicked ass! The vibes at Harmony Park were awesome, the music was great and the new friends made will last a lifetime. Saturday was windy, but it worked to the advantage of the man who created the single most buzz at the event, That 1 Guy. A certain rhythmic magic set him apart from the rest. He and his “Magic Pipe” were in top form and the lasers and fog allowed him to show off his very NOW music. Top billed Buckethead played an amazing and long set plus there were so, so many other fantastic musical and artistic happenings that played out throughout the event. I can’t wait till next year!

The WORT 89.9 FM Block Party was a smash this year. As always, the beer was fantastic and the music was hot. My afternoon was highlighted musically by Madison’s “Vibe Syndicate,” who’s laidback, rhythm and soul was spun with a tasty layer of smooth and sultry jazz, funk, and hip hop. Normally wouldn’t necessarily be my thing, but thanks to the sensational vocals of Carolynn Black their delivery was polished, posh and really took flight. Their latest release is called, “Check Yourself” and delivers equally as well as the live version. []

Stay tuned for the recently released Lazy River Music and Arts Festival June 27 - 29 in South Elgin, IL which features 20 bands over 3 days including Son Volt, EOTO, Family Groove Company, Banyan, Rusted Root, and Ekoostik Hookah.

MICRO REVIEWS: This Month's Rating Scale is from 1- Butthole thru 10 - Blast Off
Brass Kings - Washboard Rope Guitar

The Brass Kings

Washboard Rope Guitar
Record Label: Dream Horse Music
Review published: June 2008
Rating: 9

As the title suggests, this simple yet catchy and heartfelt music is generated mostly using a washboard, a rope (washtub bass) and a (resophonic) guitar by a trio of freethinking musicians. Nostalgic yet somehow contemporary.

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Company Band - Sign Here, Here, and Here

The Company Band

Sign Here, Here, and Here
Record Label: Venture Capital Records
Review published: June 2008
Rating: 7

A four song aperitif to announce the formation of this sludge/stoner rock super-group. They are Neil Fallon (Clutch), Jess Margera (CKY), James Rota (Fireball Ministry), Jason Diamond (Puny Human) and Dave Bone. Because of Fallon‘s distinct vocals, it sounds a bit like Clutch. Time will tell what their tongue in cheek corporate sound evolves into.

EOTO - Razed


Record Label: Sci Fidelity Records
Review published: June 2008
Rating: 10

Funky swirls of patterned rhythms bump and repel through electronic sound-scapes that fly free with an air of jam-tronic completion and trip-hop contemplation. Jason Hann and Michael Travis (of STRING CHEESE INCIDENT) are the synthesizing musical musculature that weaves this craft to consciousness. Live, they are 100% improvisational, creating a unique experience nightly.

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Future Lisa - Clone

Future Lisa

Record Label: Future Noise Records
Review published: June 2008
Rating: 6

Although occasionally accompanied by others, the vision of this Minneapolis rock n roll outfit is inspired, delivered and directed by one die hard woman flaunting affections for vaudevillian flairs amidst spoken poetry/vocals and life story rock rants.

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Madeoutofbabies - The Ruiner


The Ruiner
Record Label: The End Records
Review published: June 2008
Rating: 8

Flecks of industrial and dirge metal are taunted and disrupted with waves of harsh a-tonal melodic contradictions and moody female vocals. The pummeling complexities almost overwhelm their creative rage.

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Schoolyard Heroes - Abominations

Schoolyard Heroes

Record Label: Stolen Transmission
Review published: June 2008
Rating: 9

Pummeling soliloquies of the disturbed that are frayed at the ends and don’t meet the musical quota of most genres. Often rebuking like a caged creature, the female vocals pry at the listeners sanity while questioning the paradigms of societal structure and norms.

Genji Siraisi - Surviving Freedom: Uncensored Remixes & Naughty Bits

Genji Siraisi

Surviving Freedom: Uncensored Remixes & Naughty Bits
Record Label: Expansion Team Records
Review published: June 2008
Rating: 9

These 7 Tracks of subtle and unassuming electronica with a smooth flow and quirky backbone are revamps taken from this Groove Collective drummer’s prior “Censorshit” release. Interesting and entertaining.

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Stealin Strings - Waves

Stealin Strings

Record Label: Hot Dog Records
Review published: June 2008
Rating: 9

With a new bassist under their belt, these rising rockin’ bluegrass pompadours are once again making their way through the festival circuit this summer. They were the only band I noticed at Bella Sol that was given the opportunity due to their versatility, depth of sound and song content to play a set on the main stage plus an acoustic set on the tent stage.

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Testament - The Formation of Damnation


The Formation of Damnation
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Review published: June 2008
Rating: 9

Continuing to build on their impressive 25 year career with this vibrant neck-wrecking thrash blast from the past. Lyrically it is driven by contemporary issues. The lineup is fantastic and so is their sonic attack.

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Totimoshi - Milagrosa


Record Label: Volcom Entertainment
Review published: June 2008
Rating: 9

Valliant variations of texture, rhythm and raw emotional fortitude underscored by gravitational guitar playing and a sinister urgency propel the output of this Bay Area based and proudly Latin outfit to another dimension.

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