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Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

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Results  If these guys can get along, anyone can - Dan Stoffels as Obi Wan and Darth Rökker - photo by Lars Forde

photo by Lars Forde

Letter To The People - July 2009
by Rökker
July 2009
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This Month: Scavenger Hunt memories, Atwood Summerfest, Hands On WYOU TV, Adventures With Elizabeth. This issue is dedicated to the memory of Paul Kopecky, Koko Taylor and Michael Jackson.



Elizabeth in her recital outfit, May 2009 - photo by Rokker

photo by Rokker

Letter To The People - June 2009
by Rökker
June 2009
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This Month: Capitol Square Scavenger Hunt - June 20th

Summerfest Schedule for your browser and your Smart Phone

Atwood Summerfest schedule online at AtwoodSummerfest.com, Hands On WYOU TV fundraiser

Adventures with Elizabeth: Brewers Game, Ballet Recital


Alexis, Nikko and Elizabeth at Olin Park in Madison, WI - photo by Rökker

photo by Rökker

Letter To The People - May 2009
by Rökker
May 2009
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This issue is dedicated to the memory of Marilyn Chambers, who’s performance in the erotic movies “Behnind The Green Door” and “Insatiable” changed an industry, and got her fired by Ivory Soap!

Capitol Square Scavenger Hunt: June 20th will be Maximum Ink’s First Annual Capitol Square Scavenger Hunt. Dreamed up by our promotions director Laura Steinhoff, the event will feature participating bars around the capitol square area in which you will need to find objects from a provided list, take a picture and receive points to win prizes from our sponsors….

PC2USB: My buddy Lars is an inventor from Sweden. He’s always coming up with something crazy. Recently, he’s released a product to the market that is very helpful to musicians and business people. It’s called PC2USB, and it is a piece of hardware and accompanying software that allows you to write files from you computer to up to 13 USB flash drives at one time, a flash drive duplicator. I can think of a million uses…

Adventures with Elizabeth: What happened to me? I was in a blissful state as every Friday night at 8pm was a new episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. As the season ended I was not prepared for what would follow… the Twilight craze! I hadn’t even heard of it as my beloved Star Wars season came to an end, but now it seems I can’t escape…


The High Topps are: Elizabeth, Nikolai and Xiola Blue - photo by Rökker

photo by Rökker

Letter To The People - April 2009
by Rökker
April 2009
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This Month: Award season is here again - WAMI, THE MAMAS, Last Crack is back with a performance to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of their debut album Sinister Funkhouse #17, SaveKensLegs.com - see how much we collected for Ken’s cause, Adventures with the High Topps (Nikko, Elizabeth and Xiola Blue play Rock Band for XBox 360)


Elizabeth at 10 years old - photo by Rökker

photo by Rökker

Letter To The People - March 2009
by Rökker
March 2009
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This Month: Maximum Ink’s 13 Year Anniversary, Bomblastica 2009: A Party For The People 3/20-21, Maximum Ink website nominated for an international award by Metal Hammer magazine, Phil Gnarly and the Tough Guys 20 Year Reunion at the Frequency on April 4th, Adventures with Elizabeth


Bradley Fish's Electrifried Band: Jeff Muendel, Philly, Bradley Fish, Rokker - at Smart Studios in Madison, Spring 2008

Letter To The People - February 2009
by Rökker
February 2009
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This issue is dedicated to Milwaukee’s Terry Frank, a legendary blues guitarist who passed away last month. It was hard adding his name to the death notices this month, as I’ve probably typed his name in our live music calendar a few hundred times over the last 13 years. Our hearts go out to his family and friends.

1 they said couldn’t be done. 3 they said was luck. 5 was surprising. 6 tied the record. 7 was magic. 10 garnered respect. 13 turned out to be lucky indeed.

This issue marks the end of Maximum Ink’s 13th full year of publishing a music magazine, 156 issues. Year 14 promises to be an eventful year for Max Ink as we continue to grow both in print and online.

Plus… Max Ink’s Calendar goes to Mobile Phone, Bradley Fish’s Electrifried Band up for a MAMA Award and Adventures With Nikolai, Max Ink’s future publisher.


I wonder if Nikolai knew Elizabeth was giving him bunny ears.... ? - photo by Rokker

photo by Rokker

Letter To The People - January 2009
by Rökker
January 2009
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This Month: Max Ink’s 2008 Holiday party remembered, Adventures with Nikolai


Denny from Bliss Communications holds the first NEW issue of Maximum Ink to be printed on their fabulous new press

Letter To The People - December 2008
by Rökker
December 2008
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RIP Robert Lucas of Canned Heat, Maximum Ink Live Music Calendar, Musicians Billboard, Max Ink’s Holiday Party, Rökker’s Mom, Adventures With Bliss


Darth Rokker on stage with Axiom and the Wookie - photo by Andrew Frey

photo by Andrew Frey

Letter To The People - November 2008
by Rökker
November 2008
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Maximum Ink news, Halloween Spooktakular memories, Black n Tan’s B-Day Bash preview, Max Ink Holiday Party Preview, Luna Mortis news, Adventures with Nikolai


Darth Bane - Path Of Destruction

Letter To The People - Rökktober 2008
by Rökker
October 2008
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Darth Bane lived about 1000 years before Star Wars: Episode I. It was by his design that the Sith go into hiding and live by the Rule Of Two; A master to wield the power and an apprentice to crave it, no more, no less.

This philosophy is what lured the Jedi to their complacency in thinking that they alone were the peacekeepers of that galaxy so far, far away.

After tricking the Brotherhood of Darkness (a collection of all the Sith Lords from the old Republic era) into their own destruction along with General Hoth and half of his Army of Light (the Jedi army), Bane and his new apprentice went into hiding. The Jedi, believing their Sith adversaries were extinct, saw no reason to keep their army intact and disbanded, creating the Jedi Council that would answer to the Republic Senate or The New Republic (the Star Wars politico you are probably most familiar with).


Luna Mortis, former Ottoman Empire is signed by Century Media

Letter To The People - September 2008
by Rökker
September 2008
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Rökker rants again: Congrats to Madison’s Luna Mortis (formerly The Ottoman Empire) for getting signed with Century Media records, Green Bay Packers ranting and raving about the Jett Favre trade, Nikolai and Elizabeth head off to first day of school.


Atwood Summerfest 2008 - a look down Atwood Avenue from in front of the Maximum Ink/Ale Asylum Rock Stage - photo by Laura Steinhoff

photo by Laura Steinhoff

Letter To The People - August 2008
by Rökker
August 2008
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This Month: Maximum Ink website launch, Atwood Summerfest round-up, Milwaukee’s Boneshaker and their near-death-experience at Rocklahoma, Adventures With Nikolai: Nikolai loses his first tooth… photos available.


Elizabeth gets new glasses - photo by Rokker

photo by Rokker

Letter To The People - July 2008
by Rökker
July 2008
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ATWOOD SUMMERFEST:  Saturday, July 26th at noon will mark the start of the 26th Annual Atwood Summerfest held on the 2000-2100 blocks of Atwood Avenue in Madison.

Last year’s festival marked a turning point in growth as the festival featured music legends Canned Heat and drew a surprisingly large crowd.

This year’s festival may prove to go beyond that as both the Maximum Ink/Ale Asylum Rock Stage and the Harmony Bar Blues Stage feature talented local and regional artists and a national touring headliner.

Adventures with Elizabeth: The kids fine Rokker for swearing.


Elizabeth with her new bike from the Village Pedaler in Madison, it's her 10th b-day present - photo by Rokker

photo by Rokker

Letter To The People - May 2008
by Rökker
May 2008
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This Month: The Frequency opens in Madison with Darwin Sampson at the helm,  Ten Years Ago In Max Ink: Life of Agony, Bradley Fish sighting in Madison, Kristy Rose at the Back Bar, Adventures with Elizabeth: Elizabeth turns 10!


Nikko and Timmers playing Xbox 360 - photo by Rokker

photo by Rokker

Letter To The People - April 2008
by Rökker
April 2008
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Maximum Ink 12 Year Anniversary Party Recap, Blueheels, WAMI,  Adventures With Nikolai


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