Letter To The People

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

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Dirty Jeff with his father at the High Noon Saloon

Letter To The People - December 2017
by Rökker
December 2017
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This issue is dedicated to the memories of my good friends Ted “Ted Offensive” Putnam and Jeff Ellingsøn, aka Dirty Jeff.

Ted Offensive was loved by everyone for his giant heart and unyielding support of the lesser known parts of Madison’s music scene. Ted was known for many things including WORT DJ,  but Ted briefly wrote for Maximum Ink, and that puts him in our Max Ink Hall of Fame.

Dirty Jeff was one of the first people to contact Max Ink Radio to do a show. His enthusiasm always energized whomever he was with. Jeff was anything but dirty and to those that knew him he was always their favorite person. His personality was magnetic.

The music scene, Maximum Ink, friends and family will miss these two men immensely. May their memories live in the hearts and minds of those who loved them.


Nikko in back on bass drum

Letter To The People - October 2017
by Rökker
October 2017
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Dedication Las Vegas shooting victims, Ben Masel has a headstone, Full Compass 40 year anniversary, Adventures with Nikko


Black Star Drumline at Drum Corps International DrumLine battle in Indianapolis, IN

Letter To The People - September 2017
by Rökker
September 2017
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Max Ink Radio - Whats going on? WJJO - coming up on 21 years… is it their staff? Adventures with Nikko - Black Star Drumline heads to Indiapolis for a DrumLine Battle.


Rökker warming up the drums for Nikko at AtwoodFest 2017 on stage with the Clyde Stubblefield All-Stars

Letter To The People - August 2017
by Rökker
August 2017
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Young Band Advice, Adventures with Nikolai from AtwoodFest, Adventures with Lizzie in waitress land


Rökker, Sonny Knight, and Teri Barr backstage at Atwoodfest 2016

Letter To The People - July 2017
by Rökker
July 2017
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This issue of Maximum Ink is dedicated to the memories of two good friends in the music business, Jack LeTourneau and Sonny Knight… Plus.. Adventures with Nikko - Black Star Drumline plays AtwoodFest 2017


Nikko with Joey B. Banks on stage with the Clyde Stubblefield All Stars at the Memorial Union Terrace - photo by Sweet William Images

photo by Sweet William Images

Letter To The People - June 2017
by Rökker
June 2017
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AtwoodFest 2017, Adventures with Lizzie & Nikko….


Top 41 songs for 2016 - Madison

Letter to the People - January 2017
by Rökker
January 2017
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Last month Jimmy K, program director at Max Ink Radio, put together a special show for the year called the Top 41 of 2016. The show counted the top 41 songs by local artists in the Madison and regional area. The show was a great success taking place in front of a studio audience at the Wisco, brodacast on Maxinkradio.com and simulcast on 89.9FM WORT.

Not only did fans call in to the Wisco to ask about songs they heard, but one WORT listener actually stopped in and donated $500 citing that the Jimmy K Show reminded him he needed to give. An additional $300 was donated during the show as WORT was in pledge mode.