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Slipped Discs August 2013

Discs you may have missed | by John Noyd


August’s musical titles tread the fine line between curse and comfort as quests for rest seek release from grief. Weary ears welcome angelic, singer-songwriter and sensuous electro-pop temptress MREE’s steady delicacies of clever, fair-weather reverie, “Winterwell,” cyber-tribal jazz-master SHIGETO’s shuttling, fluttering water-colored funhouse, “No Better Time Than Now,” and radiant, laidback R&B funkateers THE SOUL OF JOHN BLACK’s spirited, community-infused groovefest,  “A Sunshine State of Mind.” Give peace a chance.

Slipped Discs appears every month in print in Maximum Ink music magazine, this months reviews are:

Dent May - Warm Blanket

Dent May

Warm Blanket
Record Label: Paw Tracks
Review published: July 2013

Sunny conundrums washed in lovesick riffs and dreamy caramel harmonies, “Warm,” fuses crooning doo-wop, posh brass and tropical twang into shy, pining reminders swimming in swinging bedroom-pop binges. Cozy trophies from youthful truths, May’s bittersweet treats are starry-eyed arias packed with precocious notions, cherished embellishment and choir-boy benevolence. A cherubic troubadour possessing multiple talents, Dent plays UW’s Terrace September 19th.

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Still Life Still - Mourning Trance

Still Life Still

Mourning Trance
Record Label: Arts & Crafts
Review published: July 2013

Vivid guitar-driven apparitions spark and sputter in brilliant cantilevered fevers assembled through vigorous fidgeting and microcosmic sonics; Toronto’s SLS pitch, flit, twitch and enrich delivering eager believers ephemeral memories lodged in lively, astro-rock concoctions. Heart-felt mechanics morph relentless penance into cryptic bliss, surging in methodical furies as, “Mourning,” forms determined squirming inside sublime turbines assigning spinning rhythms to shiny indecision.

Julianna Barwick - Nepenthe

Julianna Barwick

Record Label: Dead Oceans
Review published: July 2013

Rosined cauldrons subtly bubbling in oceanic trances, “Nepenthe,” brews haunting, airborne sojourns; gossamer flights over widowed silhouettes draped in frail veils and hallowed shadows. Choral auroras casting liquid whispers over ethereal cathedrals, Barwick’s ambient oracles conjure defenseless transcendence, wordless gurgles glowing in ghostly vocals as translucent movements drift in disembodied fogs from shipwrecked effervescence capsized and baptized in glistening dins.

Dinosaur Bones - Shaky Dream

Dinosaur Bones

Shaky Dream
Record Label: Dine Alone
Review published: July 2013

Existential contentions hammered from divine grinds, volcanic dynamics and moody grooves, DB’s searing, lyrical punk-rock waltzes hatch heart-wrenching chemistry through creeping sleeplessness; smoldering corrosions erupting in splendid squalor and menacing second-guessing. Taunt, tight-rope walks stalking fragile casualties and defiant survivors, “Shaky,” bravely engages waylaid crusaders, folding broad-shouldered doldrums into shady mazes staggered in ragged swagger, spurned yearnings and anthemic epidemics.

John Nagle - Distractions

John Nagle

Record Label: (Self-Release)
Review published: July 2013

A sentimental gentleness centers the electro-acoustic musings teetering between funky blue-eyed soul and sad chamber-jazz ballads; “Distraction,” attracts a casually magical low-key cabaret filled with jaunty electronics bridging brisk, sophisticated arrangements spanning crackling bluegrass and oddball pop-rock. Dodging easy labeling, Nagle’s tranquil banquets serve fluid coos in self-assured purrs, soliciting soft, sensitive tendencies from breathy regrets stretched over left-field appeal,

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Broken Anchor - Fresh Lemonade

Broken Anchor

Fresh Lemonade
Record Label: (Self-Release)
Review published: July 2013

Stirred by sturdy alt-pop bop and rollicking indie-rock passions, BA’s well-crafted savvy targets strong longing and tart departures dressed in level-headed melodies and upbeat jangle. Friendly sentiments braced in introspective messages, nimble sympathies and easy-going emotions, “Fresh,” flexes in catchy treasures surrounded by crashing guitars, petulant drums and invigorating bass, perfect companions to uncertain futures, restless presents and crushing pasts.

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Final Thoughts

Just as comfort can turn sour, conflict can provide needed change. Celebrating breakdowns, Hüsker Dü’s GRANT HART deconstructs William Burroughs’ sci-fi treatment of Milton’s Paradise Lost for, “The Argument,” as Denmark’s THE KISSAWAY TRAIL reconstruct fractured modern-rock raptures via, “Breach.”  Packing heat, sharp-toothed, infernal noise-pop CROCODILES’ deviously delightful, “Crimes of Passion,” simmering somnambulists EROS AND ESCHATON’s hazy, hallucinogenic, “Home Address For Civil War,” and hard-bitten song-slinger SHELBY EARL’s honky-tonk honesty, “Swift Arrows,” battle creative demons while Arcade Fire violinist SARAH NEUFELD’s eerie instrumentals swarm, pluck and hover within, “Hero Brother.”

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