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Holy - All These Worlds Are Yours

Holy - All These Worlds Are Yours

All These Worlds Are Yours
Label: PNKSLM Records

Paisley-upholstered roller-coasters tie epic messages to dashing crashes, melting thundering crescendos into zany bangers with dizzying synchronicity and pivoting divinity as, Holy’s blown-minds anoint orchestrated head-trips in bell-bottom bluster and power-pop counter-point. Gorgeous distortion filtered through kaleidoscopic thoughts wrapped around astral blasts and flashback panache, “Worlds,” curls in swirling cut-and-paste riffs from mythic witnesses switching cosmic melancholy for blissful well-wishing.

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Here Lies Man - You Will Know Nothing

Here Lies Man - You Will Know Nothing

Here Lies Man
You Will Know Nothing
Label: RidingEasy Records

Chugging jungle thunder plants head-banging chants among high-strung drum-lines weighing, “Nothing,” with festival heaviness whose rich rhythms spin rattle-snake earthquakes and ravenous Saturday Afrobeat raves. A thick stomp-rock stew cooked in psychedelic underbellies, Here Lies Man construct riff-rich rituals around bluesy boogies and heavy-metal head-butts, combining power, grit and agility to scoop hallucinogenic get-downs from tribe-inspired parties celebrating iron-clad madness.

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Kristin Hersh - Possible Dust Clouds

Kristin Hersh - Possible Dust Clouds

Kristin Hersh
Possible Dust Clouds
Label: Fire Records

By enlisting singed incantations with misfit rhythms and sixth-sense experiments, the raw, innovative “Clouds,” rains taunt, indie-rock over meta-fiction revelations and character-driven mysticism; restoring and exploring mind-melting narratives backed by crafted catastrophe and cast-iron imaginations. A wonderfully unconventional guitarist and lyricist, Hersh thrusts, bucks and tugs, building exorcised lies into industrial shuffles and constructing untamed therapeutic grooves from ghostly psychosis.

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Hand Habits - placeholder

Hand Habits - placeholder

Hand Habits
Label: Saddle Creek

Spotlessly evocative waif-pop folk-rock, “placeholder,” sprinkles whole-grain psycho-twang glitter over well-fed bohemian beds blessed in wall-to-wall melancholy and polished in life-learned mercy.  Aching in patience and woozy with rumination, Hand Habits’ appetite for mellow magic produces tasty licks, condensed sentiments and caressing chords; wind-tossed willow wisdom refracting passive windowsill considerations into water-nymph symphonies where sparkling downstream daydreams become sun-ripened masterpieces.

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Ralph Heidel - Moments of Resonance

Ralph Heidel - Moments of Resonance

Ralph Heidel
Moments of Resonance
Label: Kryptox Records

Germany’s Heidel leads the collective Homo Ludens into knitting-needle cathedrals housing sharp scissoring rhythms, spacious chamber-music infusions and crashing cinematic windfalls. Fashioned from brooding jazz, sweeping classical bombast, collapsible ballet and Geiger-counter trance, “Resonance,” pounces in pondered reconnaissance; intuitive movements chasing break-through conclusions through enigmatic rapture, heralding swelling peril lurking in prog-rock preludes and trick-or-treat suites livid in devilish relish.

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Hælos  - Any Random Kindness

Hælos - Any Random Kindness

Any Random Kindness
Label: Infectious Music

Sensual leopards riding coded messages over aerobic kaleidoscopes, “Random,” panders, flexing expectations and tempting chance connections with purring exertions flaunting rhythmic charisma in steamy bedroom overtures under night-fueled mirror-balls. Near-tribal street-parties fading into cosmic flotsam, Hælos mixes musical mosaics from fluid tug-of-war dialogues, promenading prayers whose receding pleads ebb and flow, stretched over synth-pop chasms and sprinkled in lyrical catch-phrases.

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Jesca Hoop - Stonechild

Jesca Hoop - Stonechild

Jesca Hoop
Label: Memphis Industires

Traipsing in thorny fields with lantern-lit lyrics peering into family histories, “Stonechild,” rides rustic percussion over choral swarms with dainty language framing prancing enchantments and Arcadian chamber-pop cascades trotting past fascinating pagan parades. Electro-acoustic dreaminess decorates spirited philosophical operas while Hoop swoops in bewitching chills and prog-folk thrills, cross-stitching tranquil fables from mischievous melodies bending sensitive menace around maternal concerns.

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