Eclectic Vibes - July 2017

by Andrew Frey

Red Baraat

Red Baraat

July in Madison brings so much amazing FREE music that it is hard to get anything else done! See you under the stars and at the festivals.

Landing a headlining slot on the Friday of Wookiefoot’s charity driving Project Earth Festival found the band Satsang positioned for a dream set culmination. After a strong set of their originals, highlighted by selections off their newest, Pyramid(s), the big finale filled the stage and featured numerous guests artists including Chris Berry, Tubby Love, Reid Grimm and others. Such a magical night of amazing music!

Dubbed by NPR as, “The best party band in years,” the uproarious New York based musical eruption known as Red Baraat mixes worldwide elements to form a fantastic fusion of rock, jazz, blasting bhangra beats and happening hip-hop chops.  The group’s second studio album in 2013, Shruggy Ji, debuted at #1 on the Billboard World Music charts and propelled the band to go on a nonstop three-year world tour, hitting many festivals and special events along the way. I missed them last time they came through, but with 3 Wisconsin stops, I will be able to feel their beats on 7/15 at Memorial Union Terrace, 7/16 at La Fete de Marquette in Madison, and 7/18 at The Pabst Theater in Milwaukee.

If you missed them supporting regional rock legends Big Wu in May, Madison’s own Creep Funk superstars Steez offer a chance to get down and boogie with them twice this month. First at the Memorial Union Terrace on 7/21, and then again at the Atwood Fest after-party at the Harmony Bar on 7/29. Who’s with me?

Contestants from big name vocal contests have had varying degrees of success after their season finishes up, but when their talents shine through and their passion is pure, there is no denying them. The Voice put the amazing blues performer Laith Al-Saadi into the spotlight, but it’s up to you to see how high he flies from here. Find out on 7/27 at Majestic Theater in Madison, WI.

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Random Rab - Formless Edge

Random Rab - Formless Edge

Random Rab

Album title: Formless Edge
Record Label: Random Rab
Rating: 9

Smooth and flowing, mostly instrumental, electronic compositions, free from drops and jagged edges as well as the convulsions of pop music. Abstract organic sounds are painted across a haunting and experimental landscape wound with analog frequencies and fidelity, resolved to an uncommon yet transformational vantage point.

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Savant - Jester

Savant - Jester


Album title: Jester
Record Label: Vybz
Rating: 10


Surprise! To date, Savant (aka Aleksander Vinter of Norway) has composed/produced over 10,000 songs in various genres (most notably metal, orchestral/classical, hip-hop and electronic music) and under several aliases, with many topping charts near and far. Jester hops through genres and styles like a kid in a candy store, spending a moment on one, before being attracted to another and then another. With such a cornacopia of sounds, styles and samples to choose from, every moment of every song ushers forth a new succulent musical morsel for your ears to nibble on.

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