Eclectic Vibes - November 2013

by Andrew Frey

Is the Shogun still named Marcus?

For me, Clutch’s most recent release, Earth Rocker, was a welcome return to form for the band and revitalized my desire to see them live again. Fortunately Madison got a date on their Earth Rocker World Tour and so along with The Sword and American Sharks will make a stop on 11/20 at the Orpheum Theater to demonstrate their reinspired hard rock fury. Shortly after their Mad City stop, on 11/26 they will release Earth Rocker Live (on vinyl only, via their own Weathermaker Music). The first disc of the 2 LP set is the studio version of Earth Rocker, but the second LP consists of live versions of the same tracks in the same sequence as the original (but from a variety of performances).

Till Death Do We Megadeth?

Recently someone made the blanket statement to me that metal doesn’t age well. Regardless if the music ages as well as wine or not, the metal musicians of yore are still touring for your enjoyment or disappointment. Although Slayer at 70 will be infinitely more enjoyable than Guns and Roses at any age, Dave Mustaine and his crew of Megadeth have consistently been banging it out since the early 80s and will be bringing their monumental metal to Myth on 11/23 in Saint Paul, MN and the Orpheum Theater on 11/24 in Madison, WI.

Griz Greatness

It was a Thursday (10/24), but I was really in need of an exceptional show. I recently had attended several good but not entirely fulfilling performances, so for a variety of reasons, I anticipated Griz could have the energy and timing to set things right. Although the crowd was initially thinner than I anticipated, when Griz hit the stage, those in attendance were jolted to attention as he expertly and relentlessly threw down his ultra-dancey retro funk dubstep grooves over and over again. While Pretty Lights found fame and paved the way for countless DJs by sampling obscure retro funk into his atmospheric electronica, Griz swelled his fan base by going directly for iconic 70s and 80s anthems and tearing them into crowd-hopping dubstep decathlons. Often shrouded in his hoodie when not jamming sax, snapping a sample, or rockin’ a dance move, Griz has a definite crowd-pleasing stage presence that identifies him as being the highly sought-after performer that he is. Some time during the second encore song, I hit a wall and was spent. My body had been whomped to its limit after being enjoyably convulsed and contorted the entire performance. Finally, the exceptional show I had been seeking for so long!

This Month's Rating Scale is from 1 is Rupture 10 is Rapture

Banco De Gaia - Ollopa: Apollo Remixed

Banco De Gaia - Ollopa: Apollo Remixed

Banco De Gaia

Album title: Ollopa: Apollo Remixed
Record Label: 1-2-3-4 GO
Rating: 9

While remix albums are diverse and plentiful, the real trick is to get the zestiest musicians to work with the most intriguingly remixable material. Banco De Gaia has been around for 20+ years, releasing excellent ambient world beat electronica, but the Apollo album was his first album in 7 years, so might as well do it up! Remixers here include Desert Dwellers, Kaya Project, System 7, Eat Static, and Gaudi, which is why this is a special treat.

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Futexture - Genetically Modified Oscillations

Futexture - Genetically Modified Oscillations


Album title: Genetically Modified Oscillations
Record Label: Gravitas Recordings
Rating: 8

Heavily glitched electronica with an obtuse but foreseeable future concept angle. “The year is 2146. Due to genetic modifications made to commercial crops and animals at the turn of the millennium, there is widespread sexual compatibility between nearly all forms of life on planet Earth. New hybrid species are being discovered every day…” So if you are willing to go on an adventure and meet the Aardvartichoke, Caulilflowl, Asparagoose, or the increasingly rare Cucumbear, this is your chance!

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Turiya Nada - Arakara: Ecstasy of the Awake - Ancient Siddhar Yoga Resonance

Turiya Nada - Arakara: Ecstasy of the Awake - Ancient Siddhar Yoga Resonance

Turiya Nada

Album title: Arakara: Ecstasy of the Awake - Ancient Siddhar Yoga Resonance
Record Label: White Swan
Rating: 9

While most musicians don’t aspire to actually live the life of a yogi. Turiya Nada (aka Tapasyogi Nandhi) is the exception to that rule. And part of living that lifestyle for him involves sharing ancient consciousness-raising Siddhar chants and mantras with the world. On this release, 21st century electronic soundscapes float behind and around these powerful chants to evoke and enrich the vital message and power of Oneness in an effort to awaken your inner guru.

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