Slipped Discs April 2021

Discs You May Have Missed
by John Noyd

Tōth - photo by  Amanda Picotte

Tōth - photo by Amanda Picotte

Initial Thoughts

April albums offer sustenance for body and soul. From alt-country rambler AL RIGGS’ truth-soaked odes, “I Got A Big Electric Fan to Keep Me Cool While I Sleep,” to romance examiner MERK’s upbeat treatises, “Infinite Youth,” life is good. Prosperity enriches tonal stonecutter AMULET’s surging immersions, “Blooming,” feeds cyber-soul micro-dosers LISEL + BOOKER STARDRUM’s closed-circuit percolations, “Mycelial Echo,” and funds fleet-footed seeker TŌTH’s boppy philosophy, “You and Me and Everything.”

Disc Reviews

Hooveriii - Water for the Frogs

Hooveriii - Water for the Frogs


Album title: Water for the Frogs
Record Label: The Reverberation Appreciation Society

Crispy riffs rip through lofty cacophony and sinister precision as, “Water,” solders methodical prog chops to cutting bluster, cauterizing wild tribal Krautrock into therapeutic confusion oozing sensory frenzy. Diabolical cabals jamming with supernatural stamina, Hooveriii’s brazen psychedelic waves crash over crunched stunts with punchy lunges, converging dervishes colliding in writhing outbursts with jazzy backing from nimble rhythms and incandescent presence.

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Teenage Fanclub - Endless Arcade

Teenage Fanclub - Endless Arcade

Teenage Fanclub

Album title: Endless Arcade
Record Label: Merge

Seamless team-players and articulate artisans, Scotland’s breezy Teenage Fanclub craft cohesive greetings in beautifully arranged key changes with genuine tenderness armed in soaring four-part harmonies and steady sunshine rhymes gliding over winged six-strings. Gilded tranquility built from confident fondness and soothing prudence, “Endless,” befriends, mends and defends; melodic case studies in splendid indie-rock melancholy falling softly on solid Britpop solace.

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Dry Cleaning - New Long Leg

Dry Cleaning - New Long Leg

Dry Cleaning

Album title: New Long Leg
Record Label: 4AD

Irresistibly aloof, intensely menacing and passively magnetic, “Leg,” weds posh hypnotic scoffs to ominous hopped-up rock, concocting fiery wiry dialogues between haughty squalor and retooled cool. Prickly post-punk cynics, Dry Cleaning lures fashionably jagged thrash into squirming urban settings, cagey jaded cadence trolling droll boa constrictor trickery where slithery misfit twists merge with withering insistence, estranged disdain and casual malice.

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Paul Jacobs - Pink Dogs on the Green Grass

Paul Jacobs - Pink Dogs on the Green Grass

Paul Jacobs

Album title: Pink Dogs on the Green Grass
Record Label: Blow The Fuse

Smart slacker backbeats heated in nervous bursts, deadpan smirks and smarmy calm, the multi-talented Jacobs filters skewed views through greasy cheeky pop, stoked apothecary folk and chugging mugshot rock plotting plausible options against callous reality. Medicated basement stomps and rhythm-heavy head-spinners, “Pink,” rethinks missing links to chain toe-tapping refrains to incorrigible choruses and spin dense sonic webs around free-wheeling feelings.

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Hadda Be - Another Life

Hadda Be - Another Life

Hadda Be

Album title: Another Life
Record Label: Last Night from Glasgow

Youthful jubilant indie-pop grooves bash past vibrant hindsight collapsing into catchy bombast, “Life,” emerges fully formed in calculated fury; mercurial guitars lurching in carousing power chords join rejoicing voices to pummeling drums and spirited bass. Thoughtful ballads appear among sweaty melodies while Hadda Be buzzes in pungent fuzz and forthright might, shading blazing raves in devious immediacy and proactive compassion.

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Flock of Dimes - Head of Roses

Flock of Dimes - Head of Roses

Flock of Dimes

Album title: Head of Roses
Record Label: Sub Pop

Nursing cathartic heartache in lush synthetic medicine and healing ethereal appeals, Flock of Dimes refines sweetly luminous blues adorned in forlorn country touches, precious declarations cloaked in hope, tempered with acceptance and rendered in elegant intelligence. Intimate epiphanies and agile pageantry masking celestial sadness with stirring verse and beautiful music, “Roses,” composes emotional antidotes to modern longing and slippery relationships.

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Final Thoughts

Spring brings albums nourished by the natural world. Find refuge among long-distance minimalists BALMORHEA’s tentative serenity, “The Wind,” alt-rock optimists MOONTYPES’ fizzy commisery, “Bodies of Water,” and dynamic duo RYANHOOD’s effusive acoustics, “Under the Leaves.” Align behind blue-eyed prog-funk tumblers FIELD MUSIC’s shiny, kind-hearted, “Flat White Moon,” chamber-folk rover ADRIAN CROWLEY’s solemn mini-novels, “The Watchful Eye of the Stars,” and borderless forager SARAH LOUISE’s symphonic eco-tronics, “Earth Bow,” before absorbing empathetic sentimentalist THE REDS, PINKS & PURPLES’ rainbow jangle, “Uncommon Weather,” and witty songsmiths HAUNTED SHED’s vigorous picturesque, “Faltering Light.”