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  • Slipped Discs June 2013

    Discs You May Have Missed
    by John Noyd

    Big Deal

    Big Deal

    Initial Thoughts

    Whether its glitch-rich magician AIRHEAD’s breathless methods meticulously pictured in, “For Years,” or poignant alt-pop exorcists BIG DEAL’s revealing, “June Gloom,” enduring durations loom large in this summer’s musical titles. Counting out the days, globe-trotting drum-circle miracle-worker HIGH WOLF’s teeming, beat-seeking dream-machine, “Kairos: Chronos,” conjures Zen-like presence while Groove Armada’s ANDY CATO’s evocative, rhythm-skimming jazz-pop, “Times and Places,” offers twenty years of accumulated labors in one sitting. Treasure every moment.

    Disc Reviews

    Donna the Buffalo - Tonight Yesterday and Tomorrow

    Donna the Buffalo - Tonight Yesterday and Tomorrow

    Donna the Buffalo

    Album title: Tonight Yesterday and Tomorrow
    Record Label: Sugar Hill Records

    Bouncing between Cajun-baked hoedowns, bayou squeezebox teasers and calico mountaintop jamborees, DtB’s roots-riddled country-rock hops, skips and boogies, roasted and bolstered by smokin’ blues organ, slippery hillbilly fiddle and funky electric-guitar. Lively, laidback swamp-water blossoms arranged around frisky epiphanies, “Tonight,” plants home-grown peace and love in flower-powered honky-tonk whose rockin’ good-will two-steps between groovy patchouli zydeco and tasty jam-band reggae.

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    Free Time - Free Time

    Free Time - Free Time

    Free Time

    Album title: Free Time
    Record Label: Underwater People

    Feigned restraint swaddled in soft-spoken verse squirms beneath FT’s narcotic combination of Kiwi-twee and New York torque. Couched in leisurely sweetness, capsized happiness and upbeat appeasements, “Free,” stands knee-deep in riff-driven fits as solid, melodic swan-songs washed in bristling wishes, modest apologies and breezy seaside jangle form thorny six-string storms churned in playful pop-rock submissions spiked with flinty home-sick indecision.

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    All Tiny Creatures - Dark Clock

    All Tiny Creatures - Dark Clock

    All Tiny Creatures

    Album title: Dark Clock
    Record Label: Hometapes

    Synaptic bubble-wrap trapped in chattering catacombs, feather-weight cages and overlapping mattresses of calculating palpations, “Clock,” unlocks honeyed prog-pop harmonics fueled by shiny cyber-vibes deploying midi-fidgety sequences from paisley-flavored generators. Tantalizing mechanical fantasies sheathed in chrome and slathered in foam, the angelic, relentlessly kinetic ATC’s coy android chorals swirl and unfurl in pumped-up pomp; ravishing pastoral pageantry blanketed in space-age grace.

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    Alison Moyet - the minutes

    Alison Moyet - the minutes

    Alison Moyet

    Album title: the minutes
    Record Label: Cooking Vinyl

    In a purring, scurrying field of dramatic shifts and electronic rifts, Moyet’s rich velvety voice guides and confides, balancing electro-baroque ballads beside power-pop moxie whose lush reductions zip in swift deliverance tastefully layered with fist-clenching tensions and emotional resolve. Forsaking and berating, the posh, polished, “minutes,” races to bewitching finishes; bold, soulful control unfolding in defiant alliance and inquisitive dignity.

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    Steve Gunn - Time Off

    Steve Gunn - Time Off

    Steve Gunn

    Album title: Time Off
    Record Label: Paradise of Bachelors

    Crafted from rustic muscle, tactical mastery and global mojo, “Time,” meanders in hypnotic chops, wiry guile and hippie serendipity; savvy tapestries weaving taunt knots within placid gymnastics. A disarming shaman with stoic vocals drawing mystical riffs from his acoustic guitar, Gunn’s pliable spirals funnel bluesy voodoo into psychotropic folk to coax intricate, intimate jams from his band’s roomy, intuitive ruminations.

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    Cloud Boat - Book of Hours

    Cloud Boat - Book of Hours

    Cloud Boat

    Album title: Book of Hours
    Record Label: Apollo Records

    Eerily weary, CB’s weighty, sedated galley-ship trip-hop hovers in distinctly insistent minimalism and expansive phantom ambience. Frail and ephemeral, anguished beauty confronts gentle intensity floating past wilting strokes from careful guitars; monastery murmurs unburden solemn golems simmered in cavernous synths and flickering beats as, “Hours,” tick away in tender effervescence and pensive empathy, nursing sacred aches from dark, unsettled hearts.

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    Final Thoughts

    Time reminds us nothing lasts forever, whether tethered to temporary pleasures like synth-pop ironists and droll jokesters FUTURE BIBLE HEROS’ bittersweet cheekiness, “Partygoing,” foregone conclusions such as Canadian indie-pop darlings IMAGINARY CITIES’ dreamy, broad-shouldered, “Fall of Romance,” or life-changing transformations as outlined in gifted folk singer-songwriter LAURA MARLING’s brilliant, resilient, and fulfilling, “Once I Was An Eagle.” Add elastic blasters and proven groovers ROYAL CANOE’s wonky, Technicolor carnival, “Today, We’re Believers,” and Cuban-born, New York-raised troubadour ELSTEN TORRES’ lilting soft-rock pilgrimage, “Waiting for Clouds,” and time is on your side.