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Milwaukee's Cheap Rick

Brew City Sludge - March 2009

by Lane Klozier

Lane targets Milwaukee cover bands this month: Rugburn, Radio Radio and Cheap Rick

Cover bands. Sometimes I hate them. Sometimes I love them. I guess it all depends what they are trying to do. When you make a living at it, or treat it as some kind of job it tends to manifest itself into just that…a job…mundane. There are, however, bands such as Rugburn. Hailing from the Milwaukee/West Bend area, the band is a testament to what getting together and jamming is all about. No frills, no costume changes, no pyro-technics…just a good time….

As long as I’m at it…another great new cover act is Milwaukee’s Radio Radio. Instead of looking for whatever’s popular on the current air waves, RR plays songs from the pop/new wave era. Paying attention to bands such as Echo and the Bunnymen, The Cars, Psycadelic Furs, and INXS the boys are obligated to play the type of song that so many of us love yet rarely hear anymore….

More? Why not? Milwaukee’s Cheap Rick is (as if you couldn’t guess) is a tribute to the great Cheap Trick. The boys have been at it for a few years now and have honed the act to a science. Note for note, the tunes are as tight as the record…..

Remember: The stimulus package is coming…please use some of your share to stimulate some local clubs by checking out some Brew City bands.


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Milwaukee's Reckless Hearts

Brew City Sludge - February 2009

by Lane Klozier

This month in Brew City Sludge:

Since 2002, Milwaukee’s Union Pulse has toured relentlessly. With a mix of alternative rock, blues and grunge, the band has made a statement that lands them firmly in the category of true Americana. Though the lineup seems to have been somewhat of a revolving door situation, founder/front man James Redding has stuck with it…

With ex members of the Jet Set and the Danger, Milwaukee’s Reckless Hearts are busy embracing all that is power pop. A British feel sets the backdrop for songs that are quirky, up beat and amazingly fun. Live, the band combines elements of glam, punk and mod rock….

One of the hardest gigs in music is being a troubadour. Milwaukee’s Ryan McIntyre has embraced this path. The guy is ALWAYS playing. Whether he’s hosting an open mic or doing three solid hours of his own material, McIntyre is constantly out there playing for his supper. His music has been featured in film and on cable television and his talent has earned him seven WAMI awards….



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Milwauikee's Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

Brew City Sludge - January 2009

by Lane Klozier

It’s a brand new year. We need to talk.

I’ve been doing some soul searching and thinking about the state of live music in our little beer soaked community.
When compared to other large metropolitan areas around the country it is seriously lacking.

I have tried to pinpoint the problem, but it seems there are too many factors to single out any particular one.


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Neil Petersen, aka Gage, Milwaukee Drummer of The Buggs, Thin Man and Chauncey Gardener

Brew City Sludge - December 2008

by Lane Klozier

This Month: Milwaukee’s DJB steps it up at Heartbreaker’s and Liquor Sweets, Chicago’s Oh My God is back in Milwaukee, Drummer and Milwaukeean Neil Petersen passes away and Memorial show planned at Cafe Lulu.


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Steve Grimm at his CD Release party in October 2008

Brew City Sludge - November 2008

by Lane Klozier

Way back when clubs were clubs and rock bands played through pa systems that actually had a little punch, Milwaukee’s Steve Grimm fronted the infamous Bad Boy. It’s been a lot of years and Bad Boy is still on the scene, but Grimm has evolved into the consummate musician…..

Milwaukee’s Certain Stars has a penchant for songs that keep running through your brain for days after even a first listen. With an alternative edge, the band puts out a pop feel that is infectious…..

Well over twenty years ago, Milwaukee’s Speed Freaks hit the underground punk scene like a hammer. They remained an active band for about five years gracing the stages of clubs and basements that were dedicated to the smell of fresh sweat exuding from young punks who wanted nothing more that to slam into whoever was next to them…..


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