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Lane Klozier (Brian Barney) holding Maximum Ink circa 3/2009 in Madison - photo by Rökker

Brew City Sludge - March 2010

by Lane Klozier

Well, I can say that it has been lonely around this column since our own Lane Klozier (Brian Barney) passed away in November 2009. Here is a great video in his memory.

Remember, every day that you’re here, you’re not there.



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Brian Barney, aka Lane Klozier, plays guitar for Milwaukee's The Buggs

Brew City Sludge - December 2009

by Lane Klozier

Brian Barney, aka Lane Klozier, passed away unexpectedly on November 16, 2009.

In his memory, Maximum Ink’s publisher, Rökker, wrote a memorial piece in his stead.

Every month, Lane would end his column with a witty quip. This month, I leave you with the best quips from his five years at Maximum Ink.

That’s all for this month…in the meantime…keep it real bitches!
Lane Klozier


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Milwaukee's Kid Millions

Brew City Sludge - November 2009

by Lane Klozier

When it comes to things like Breakcore, and Hyphy…well I just don’t know what they mean. I am, after all, getting quite old. Regardless, there is quite a vibrant scene in the Brew City when it comes to urban music.

This Month: Milwaukee bands Kid Millions, Human Jewelry, and The Ragadors

*** Editor’s Note: This was the last column by Lane Klozier as he passed away unexpectedly on November 16, 2009. RIP Brian Barney aka Lane Klozier



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Chicago's Oh My God

Brew City Sludge - Rökktober 2009

by Lane Klozier

Klozier here.

Milwaukee native Billy O’Neill’s band Oh My God may be based out of Chicago…but they will always have a homecoming type welcome when playing the Brew City. Over the last decade OMG has provided some of the most innovative music the Midwest has ever heard. Relentless touring and fantastic records have garnered them a large cult following that salivates at the mere mention of a new cd. That time has now arrived with the release of their latest The Night Undoes the Work of the Day (Split Red Records). As usual, the boys have crafted a collection of songs that, as an album, show great continuity as well as diversity track after track. However, there is definitely a different feel here. The band has had some complications over the past couple of years


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Milwaukee's Flight Suit

Brew City Sludge - September 2009

by Lane Klozier

This Month:

Flight Suit: Milwaukee’s Fight Suit is taking a whack at it these days. Nothing new here, but…they do sound pretty good. Are they loud? So loud your father would hate them. Are they aggressive? ...

Red Knife Lottery: Milwaukee’s Red Knife Lottery has been around for quite awhile now. This is a band that has, from the start, seemed to be poised on the brink of hitting the big time…

Reckless Hearts: If you want to be popular…follow the trends. Easily done, but staying power will be determined by what you put out. Following the trends of power pop acts such as The Who, The Kinks and other such icons has been the formula for Milwaukee’s The Reckless Hearts…



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