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Brew City Sludge - February 2008

by Lane Klozier
Racine, Wisconsin's Fearless Leader

Klozier here.

Racine. It’s a land flowing with milk and honey… and rock bands. I thought I’d use this issue to spotlight this fair city since I went there once and found that it rocked quite hard. Among the many bands that inhabit the area is Fearless Leader. With a sound that banters between jam and mainstream, the boys key in on catchy melodic grooves. Drummer Terry Schroeder sets the tone with good drive and nicely placed fills. Bassist Alex R Ramos Jr. plays with amazing dexterity, managing Chris Squier licks without muddying the waters or overplaying. Guitarist Patrick Hennessy shows good versatility holding things together with solid rhythm and tasty solo work. Front man Richy Howell is a gas. Some people were just born to be on stage. This is one of those guys. The band does many Brew City gigs as well. Check ‘em out Feb. 23 at the Riverwest Commons. []

Racine’s Mohr Ave. revisits the alternative rock sound of the 90’s with a fresh and innovative approach. Simplicity is complicated by texture at a level that remains accessible. Musically, there is enough punk edge to keep it jumpy with a complimentary drive that opens things up. Youth, vigor, and just the right amount of angst provide the energy. Solid musicianship and smart song writing keep things controlled enough to create a product that is marketable and radio ready. These boys aren’t trying to re-invent the wheel…they’re just putting their guts into it. I like that.

When it comes to all out celebration of everything that is pure, good hearted and loud; few events put it out there as well as Racine’s Thoughts for Food. Over the past fifteen years, the benefit had contributed to the Racine County Food Bank raising over $265,000 and mustering up 66,000 pounds of food for the community. I would go on and on telling you about all the great venues and bands that magnanimously donating their efforts…but I’m too fuckin lazy. So, go to to find out all about their 16th annual celebration that takes place March 1st. That was my little public service message for the month, so go smoke yourselves up and talk about what a great guy I am. []

Remember: Being in a rock band is like having three girlfriends at the same time…and they all know about each other.

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