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Brew City Sludge - June 2009

by Lane Klozier
Milwaukee's the Color Truth

Klozier here.

During an interview of Todd Rundgren, I asked him what he thought of this day and age where anyone could put together a record out of their house on their computer. He said “Anybody can put together a record off their laptop…but you need a good song.” I thought about that statement when I first encountered Milwaukee’s The Color Truth. Their first release, Proof of Life, was an outstanding debut. It may not have been the be-all-end-all for modern pop, but it showed promise. The constant and steady rhythms that surround intelligent songwriting was the key. After a couple of years paying their dues and honing their craft, TCT has reached a new level. Their latest, Moment of Release is a testament to what seems to be the band’s mission statement - let the melody shape the song. Track after track, predominant hooks drag the listener in. Songs such as Words or Letters have fans reeled in and peers wishing they had come up with something as fresh and catchy. The title track is a lush and powerful example of radio ready material with all the necessary ingredients for what could easily be a hit song. The thing that makes this act so accessible is the fact that they do not stray far off the mark. While there is certainly plenty of high caliber musicianship, the boys remain focused, never overplaying or complicating things. Melody, hooks, and songs that stick in your head… this, my friend, is what makes a great rock record. Be sure to catch them this Friday, June 5th at the Milwaukee Ale House with special guest Truth in Fiction.

Originally known as The Rusty Pelicans, Milwaukee’s The Rusty P’s have been filling rooms since 1995. I am no expert in this genre, but I can tell you that a P’s show is always a happening event. What separates this act from many others in the local hip hop scene is their obvious reverence for music in general. The band puts out a sound that while old school at its core, braches out into modern day electronica and spacey rhythms. Pop and funk are not forgotten, and judging from the gyrations of all and sundry at any show, James Brown spends a legitimate amount of time in the (tha) house. Check out the Rusty P’s at Summerfest July 3rd on the Briggs & Stratton Stage at 8:30pm.

One of Milwaukee’s most talented singer/songwriters is Willy Porter. From his early work, busking across the country to his critically acclaimed Dog Eared Dream, he has never failed to satisfy. Introspective and quirky, Porter amazes with a Dylan like quality. Unlike many in the genre, Porter can also sing, and his prowess on acoustic guitar is already legendary. One never knows where he will head next, or just exactly what he has up his eclectic sleeve, but you will be able to catch him this year at Summerfest on the Potawatomi Stage at 9pm on June 30.

That’s all for now my Darlings.

Remember: With very few exceptions…if they’re in charge…they will most likely screw it up.

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