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Brew City Sludge - May 2009

by Lane Klozier
Wizdomstone from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Klozier here. Let’s get heavy.

Out of Milwaukee/Jackson, progressive rockers Wiszdomstone breathe fresh air into the half dead corpse that has become prog rock (in this scene) over the past decade. Dio, Maiden, Sabbath, and especially Queensryche come to mind when listening to tracks that are meticulously produced in an obviously laborious studio setting. Music such as this transcends the song at hand by becoming a true art form. Calculated breaks, modulations and time changes create tracks that can be listened to over, and over where the listener can hear something new or missed the first few times around. For those who are truly into prog, Wiszdomstone puts out what progressive fans yearn for with stellar musicianship and melody that keeps it interesting and accessible.  No live shows posted yet, but with accolades from some of the top press in the industry, and the selling out of their first EP The Battle Rages, it would seem that popular demand will prevail. For a full view of what this band is about (and what they no doubt will become) check out

Solid, intelligent songwriting escapes a lot of heavier acts. Not so with Milwaukee’s Shattered Red. In the style of System of a Down and other progressive bands, SR creates music that is as ear pleasing as it is bone shaking. Bantering between acoustic intros and anthemic choruses, the band keeps an even flow of solid continuity by incorporating sweet melody into every track. Their latest The Lines for the Living is a testament to their obvious reverence to all that is prog. Equally important is the edge that is delivered taking things to a place where fans of groups such as Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana can take a bite out of this hard rock pie. Recent lineup changes have seemed to put a halt on live shows, but the boys are regrouped and solid and should be kicking your asses in the clubs soon.

9mm Solution from Milwaukee, WIWith song titles such as Visualize to Terrorize, Belly Up, and I am Diseased; I think you get the message. Milwaukee’s 9mm Solution is heavy. Formed around 2003, the boys began taking names and delivering neck throttling shows to enthusiastic crowds. Their 2006 release One shot…One Kill received solid airplay on alternative stations and their fan base grew. The key to their success seems to be their ability to embrace all that is hard and heavy using influences from a wide range for a sound that is all encompassing. Their calendar is full and they are gearing up to promote their latest release The Dream is Dead (due out June 9).

That’s all for now my Sweethearts. Remember: Everything you’ve ever hoped and dreamed for is right there in your hand…so drop that bottle of Jack and take a freakin’ look why dontcha?!

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