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Brew City Sludge - November 2009

by Lane Klozier
Milwaukee's Kid Millions

Klozier here.

When it comes to things like Breakcore, and Hyphy…well I just don’t know what they mean. I am, after all, getting quite old. Regardless, there is quite a vibrant scene in the Brew City when it comes to urban music.

Milwaukee’s Kid Millions has worked with prominent acts such as The Rusty P’s and KingHellBastard. There is a definite pop influence deep inside this very street sounding music. Vocal lines banter brilliantly at times with instrumentation both acoustic and electronic. Freestyle, disco, electronica and funk are all dominant features. Lyrically, the messages are positive. This does not, however, take away the edge. There is plenty of rage here; but it all seems to be directed towards a pro-active and positive place. KM has done extensive touring, but recently seems to be sticking close to home promoting his “recession proof rap.”

There is something very introspective in his work (often times lacking in the genre) that chides the listener toward empathy. It seems that creating and performing close to his home turf has culminated a style that is genuine and authentic. In fact, one could say that KM has a “Milwaukee sound.” Let’s face it; Run DMC never left Chicago until they signed a major record contract. This approach has been used by countless icons such as Bruce Springsteen who put Jersey on the musical map. KM has made a name for himself with live performance. If you missed his release party for Made in America, check him out Nov 27 at Turner Hall.

Milwaukee’s Human Jewelry is a husband and wife duo. Although they are a cover act, they are anything but typical. Straying far from the path of the same ol’ thing, they tend to choose songs that range from the unknown to the under-rated. Most often, when you see a duo with a beat track machine, a singer and a guitarist you are ready for some schmaltz. Not here. While Morgan Sisson belts it out, husband Daniel is ripping his guitar to shreds. Whether strumming out a groove version of Son of a Preacher Man or bashing out some Sass Jordan these guys rock. Great vocals…killer guitar…what more do you need?

In the spirit of true musicianship, Milwaukee’s The Ragadors are a refreshing kick in the ass. All that is blues related rock gushes from this act like a geyser. Iconic acts such as Zeppelin and Dylan (electric) come to mind as this hard hitting quartet pounds out jams that reverberate from the floor right into your soul. Early this year they released a debut ep and have been impressing onlookers with a live show that is top notch. Check ‘em out Nov 6 at the Cactus Club…music that makes your hips shake will be the flavor of the day the flavor of the day.

That’s all for now my Darling’s. Remember: Thanksgiving is coming. Do a turkey a favor…have pasta.

*** Editor’s Note: This was the last column by Lane Klozier as he passed away unexpectedly on November 16, 2009. RIP Brian Barney aka Lane Klozier

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