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Brew City Sludge - September 2009

by Lane Klozier
Milwaukee's Flight Suit

Klozier here.

Ah…the world of post punk. No matter how hard we try, we just can’t seem to get rid of it.

I guess that’s ok because there is something about it that no matter how many times some band tries to re-invent it people seem to want to give it a chance in the hope that something new will emerge.

Milwaukee’s Fight Suit is taking a whack at it these days. Nothing new here, but…they do sound pretty good.

Are they loud? So loud your father would hate them. Are they aggressive? So much so that your sister who watches the Bible channel would immediately begin praying for them. Do they sweat? Profusely. Are they the next Pistols, Green Day or Vandals? No. But who frickin’ cares? What they are is a good punk rock band that is at home on a big stage as they are at a basement show. They manage to keep their sound several levels above many acts in the genre by employing good rock sensibility and hooks. There is more than enough musical ability and song writing technique here, and, with the recorded tracks they have down they could easily attract an underground label. The fact that they seem to tour the region relentlessly also increases their chances at making a few bucks while turning some heads. You may not find your answer to the second coming of J Rotten here…but do yourself a favor and see them live if you’re in the mood to get your ass kicked. The boys will be at the Eagles Nest in Milwaukee Sep 18 at 9:30.

Milwaukee's Red Knife LotteryMilwaukee’s Red Knife Lottery has been around for quite awhile now. This is a band that has, from the start, seemed to be poised on the brink of hitting the big time. With a style that is hard to define within any one genre, they have used all that is alternative in rock to create an identifiable sound. Great songs and sturdy musicianship are fronted by lead vocalist Ashley Chapman. Chapman’s stage presence is captivating in a way that brings performers like Chrissy Hynde to mind. Just enough grit, just enough snarl and just enough class. Their latest release Soiled Soul & Rapture is now available.

If you want to be popular…follow the trends. Easily done, but staying power will be determined by what you put out. Following the trends of power pop acts such as The Who , The Kinks and other such icons has been the formula for Milwaukee’s The Reckless Hearts. Made up of Brew Town regulars from bands such as The Danger and The Jet Set, RH has embraced all that is fun and catchy in a format that is as accessible as it is fresh and new. Songs about girls, love, and school days shenanigans are set to up beat arrangements and catchy lyrical hooks that stick in the head. Their debut record Get Up and Run (Off the Hip Records) is a testament to all that is dance and thrills. Milwaukee's Reckless HeartsOne might equate the band to a modern day Knack where each song tells a story that is both heartfelt and meaningless. Live, the band is a powerhouse that delivers a great shot of pop rock. If you want to see a show that will bring back the passion that may have been lost in this bullshit world, check out the reckless Hearts for a night of rock ‘n’ roll reckless abandon. That’s all for now my cuties.

Remember: The orange stain that will be developing on my outer thigh will remain there until the end of football season when I stop spending an entire Sunday on the couch eating cheese puffs without a napkin.

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