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Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

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Results  Nikko & Lizzie in Door County summer 2018 - photo by Allison Rocker

photo by Allison Rocker

Letter To The People - September 2018
by Rökker
September 2018
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This issue is dedicated to the memory of Mike Stoiber, Blue Jean Nation reborn, Adventures with Lizzie and Nikko


Allison Rocker & Helen attend McCabe Rally at the capitol - photo by Helen Valentino

photo by Helen Valentino

Letter To The People - August 2018
by Rökker
September 2018
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This issue is dedicated to the memory of Gene Bennett who above all valued freedom of speech. Politics with Rökker and Adventures with Lizzie and Nikko


Rökker and Nikko at the MAMAs 2018

Letter To The People - July 2018
by Rökker
July 2018
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Marquette Poll, Mike McCabe, Adventures with Lizzie and Nikko


Mike McCabe running for Wisconsin governor 2018

Letter To The People - June 2018
by Rökker
June 2018
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The last time the stakes were this high most of us in Wisconsin were sleeping. The 2010 election wave that swept in Tea Partiers across the nation hit hard here at home. Just after the Packers won the Superbowl, newly elected governor Scott Walker (whom it seemed no one cared to know much about) announced Act 10 and all hell broke lose. Protests became a daily routine and record size crowds showed up. But governor Walker’s ears were deaf when it came to what the people wanted, though it seemed he was ready anytime to listen to the Koch Brothers and their agenda.


Letter To The People - May 2018
by Rökker
May 2018
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Star Trek has always been at the forefront dissecting the challenges of current culture. The original series from the late 60’s often used the science fiction backdrop as a setting to reflect the dangers of our larger social problems. Star Trek helped us to understand the issues in a new way so that we might use those lessons to better our society. It sure worked with the techie aspect of the show.

Then came the feature films and of course The Next Generation (who can forget the Ferengi and their race of ruthlessly greedy merchants?). But it is 1982’s The Wrath of Kahn that has a quote that I think reflects our current political situation in Wisconsin and could affect our current race for governor.

In this famous scene, Spock has realized that during the battle between starships, the USS Enterprise has been terminally damaged and it’s nuclear core will detonate killing all aboard unless the core can be cooled down. The only way to accomplish this feat is by hand and would surely mean he would not survive the radiation, even wearing a suit. Against all warnings from other crew, Spock enters the chamber and performs the task, saves the ship and is now dying from severe radiation poisoning. Through the glass, Captain Kirk asks Spock “Why?”, as his friend is slowly passing. His answer is (those of you who know can recite it now) “The needs of the MANY outweigh the needs of the few… or one”.

In our reality that statement is exactly the opposite of how our government is working in Wisconsin and federally. We live in a world where government works for a few people at the top but doesn’t work for the vast majority of people. Let’s read it the way it is now, “The needs of the few, or the one, outweigh the needs of the many”. How do you feel now?


What's in your candidate's past?

Letter To The People - April 2018
by Rökker
April 2018
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This issue is dedicated to the Memory of Luke Jorgensen who passed away shortly after playing the Charity Jamboree at the High Noon Saloon last month. A worker and believer in the Madison music scene. He will be missed.

Wisconsin Gubernatorial Democratic Primary: I’m not making this easy for you, am I? You are probably sitting there thinking, “why doesn’t he just tell me who to vote for and be done with it?”

Believe me, I wish I could, but that would only continue our current dilemma of not thinking for ourselves and doing our own “research” on the candidates.


your vote counts

Letter To The People - March 2018
by Rökker
March 2018
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Rökker gets political again…. voting and campaign donations are on the agenda this month…. plus a short Adventures with Lizzie & Nikko


2018 Gubernatorial Candidates Forum at La Follette HS in Madison 1/28/2018 - photo by Sarah Wilson

photo by Sarah Wilson

Letter To The People - February 2018
by Rökker
February 2018
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Rökker goes political for the Wisconsin Gubernatorial Democratic Primary, Jimmy K Show has a new home on WSUM featuring Rökker’s Closet, Black Star Drumline back on the prowl with new blood, Adventures with Lizzie and Nikko! this is February 2018!


Madison native Alicia Lemke (Alice and the Glass Lake)

Letter To The People - January 2018
by Rökker
January 2018
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Madison native Alicia Lemke (Alice and the Glass Lake) on Eminem’s latest album, Rökker Rye Whiskey Release Party info, Adventures with Nikko and Lizzy


Dirty Jeff with his father at the High Noon Saloon

Letter To The People - December 2017
by Rökker
December 2017
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This issue is dedicated to the memories of my good friends Ted “Ted Offensive” Putnam and Jeff Ellingsøn, aka Dirty Jeff.

Ted Offensive was loved by everyone for his giant heart and unyielding support of the lesser known parts of Madison’s music scene. Ted was known for many things including WORT DJ,  but Ted briefly wrote for Maximum Ink, and that puts him in our Max Ink Hall of Fame.

Dirty Jeff was one of the first people to contact Max Ink Radio to do a show. His enthusiasm always energized whomever he was with. Jeff was anything but dirty and to those that knew him he was always their favorite person. His personality was magnetic.

The music scene, Maximum Ink, friends and family will miss these two men immensely. May their memories live in the hearts and minds of those who loved them.


Nikko in back on bass drum

Letter To The People - October 2017
by Rökker
October 2017
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Dedication Las Vegas shooting victims, Ben Masel has a headstone, Full Compass 40 year anniversary, Adventures with Nikko


Black Star Drumline at Drum Corps International DrumLine battle in Indianapolis, IN

Letter To The People - September 2017
by Rökker
September 2017
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Max Ink Radio - Whats going on? WJJO - coming up on 21 years… is it their staff? Adventures with Nikko - Black Star Drumline heads to Indiapolis for a DrumLine Battle.


Rökker warming up the drums for Nikko at AtwoodFest 2017 on stage with the Clyde Stubblefield All-Stars

Letter To The People - August 2017
by Rökker
August 2017
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Young Band Advice, Adventures with Nikolai from AtwoodFest, Adventures with Lizzie in waitress land


Rökker, Sonny Knight, and Teri Barr backstage at Atwoodfest 2016

Letter To The People - July 2017
by Rökker
July 2017
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This issue of Maximum Ink is dedicated to the memories of two good friends in the music business, Jack LeTourneau and Sonny Knight… Plus.. Adventures with Nikko - Black Star Drumline plays AtwoodFest 2017


Nikko with Joey B. Banks on stage with the Clyde Stubblefield All Stars at the Memorial Union Terrace - photo by Sweet William Images

photo by Sweet William Images

Letter To The People - June 2017
by Rökker
June 2017
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AtwoodFest 2017, Adventures with Lizzie & Nikko….


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