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CD Review Anna Laube - Pool All The Love * Pool All The Knowledge

Anna Laube

Pool All The Love * Pool All The Knowledge
Record Label: Self Released
Review by John Noyd
January 2009

Wisconsin native and California transplant Laube spins hippie bohemia into rootin’ tootin’ riverboat galleries moseying on down through spirited Delta blues, roadhouse honky-tonk and funky finger pickin’ folk.


CD Review White Zombie - Let Sleeping Corpses Lie – Box Set

White Zombie

Let Sleeping Corpses Lie – Box Set
Record Label: Geffen
Review by Chris Fox
December 2008

Take a step into the past and enjoy a hefty chunk of heavy metal history. This box set provides four amazing discs of WHITE ZOMBIE’s greatest hits and heaviest sounds. The set travels from early gems such as “Gentleman Junkie” to the thunderous wonder “More Human Than Human.”


CD Review Slow Burning Car - Blowback

Slow Burning Car

Record Label: Trifonic Laboratories
Review by Chris Fox
December 2008

These guys are out to simply rock, and enjoy playing their music. The album starts out with the words “Fe, fi, fo, fum” and the ridiculousness just progresses from there. Mixing punk rock ideas and vocals with folk guitar and excellent song writing creates a twelve song album that is 100% one of a kind. This album mixes both peppy and slow songs as well as both dark and upbeat lyrics creating the pleasant obscurity that is SLOW BURNING CAR.


CD Review Grails - Doomsdayer’s Holiday


Doomsdayer’s Holiday
Record Label: Temporary Residence
Review by Chris Fox
December 2008

Dark, heavy and celestial music. GRAILS has managed to take the meandering sound of groups like OPETH and mix them with eastern, folk, and blues stylings to create an entirely new sound. The album contains very little vocalization, but when they do appear, they achieve an eerie sense of omniscience and envelope the already dark wandering guitar. The real gem of this album is the sometimes subtle and often times obvious presence of Indian style sitar and chord progressions.


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CD Review Too Pure To Die - Confess

Too Pure To Die

Record Label: Trustkill Records
Review by Chris Fox
December 2008

Thick southern grooves with heavy fast rhythms and one hell of a growl carrying it all through, Iowa manages to deliver another powerful force to the heavy metal world.  With their title track “Confess,” TOO PURE TO DIE pushes heavy verses and catchy choruses around a forcefully distorted core that makes this album hit you square in the chest.  Percussive guitars in songs like “Saving Grace” with harmonic experimentation, like LAMB OF GOD, create a unique sound that you won’t soon forget.


CD Review Archer - Doomsday Profits


Doomsday Profits
Record Label: Duke’s Black Rose
Review by Chris Fox
December 2008

This album will make you want to break out your leather jacket and get a new tattoo.  Shredding, bluesy guitar with the classic heavy metal feel that makes everybody want to go out and buy a motorcycle.  Mixing the vocal styles of JUDAS PRIEST and guitar riffs like the great Toni Iomi, ARCHER manages to create a new resonance for an amazing old sound.


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