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Milwaukee's reggae mon Wadadli aka: Dan Reed, aka: Sly Mongoose

Brew City Sludge - Rökktober 2008

by Lane Klozier

Klozier rants on Milwaukee’s reggae mon Wadadli aka: Dan Reed, aka: Sly Mongoose… The Mandates ( throwback to all that was good in the post punk era that brought about groups like the Femmes)...  and Nuna Minch’s full length horror film “Brutal”.


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Milwaukee's Debasers

Brew City Sludge - September 2008

by Lane Klozier

Lane rants on Milwaukee’s Debasers, Northern Room and the new Milwaukee club, Liquor Sweets

Debasers: I like young bands. Quite often they are the only thing that gives me hope, as well as something different to listen to. A little removed from Brew Town, Hartford’s The Debasers’ show vigorous initiative in pursuit of a new original sound. I came across them on Myspace and was drawn to take a listen by their self description. It read: “We all take turns singing songs. Jon and Holden take turns playing lead. We all write music and it’s all original. Enjoy”. What more needs to be said?...

Northern Room: Over the past four years, Milwaukee’s Northern Room has been turning heads with a sound that is both catchy and ambient. Layered with lush keys and beautiful droning guitars, the band has an almost U2 feel and every song seems to be set up for radio play…

Liquor Sweets: There’s a new club on the rise. Somewhat inconveniently located on 13th and Manitoba on Milwaukee’s fashionable lower south side, Liquor Sweets is really putting together some great shows. At first look, the downstairs seems spacious with a newly remodeled stage perfect for original rock. If you venture upstairs, you will (very much as I did) freak out…


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Milwaukee's Rehyn: Singer, songwriter, pianist, storyteller…

Brew City Sludge - August 2008

by Lane Klozier

This Month: Lane Klozier talks about Milwaukee bands the Quon Poppers, Southbound and Rehyn.

Milwaukee’s the Quon Poppers are one of those bands with absolutely no spit and polish. That’s ok….they don’t need any….

For the last fifteen years, Southbound has been one of the biggest draws in clubs surrounding the Milwaukee area. Although the band could be labeled as jam, or hippie, the musicianship takes the act to a higher level than most associated with the genre….

I heard a new voice. It was soothing, sensual and melodic. It is the voice of Milwaukee’s Rehyn. Singer, songwriter, pianist, storyteller… this girl’s got it all…


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Milwaukee's Those X-Cleavers

Brew City Sludge - July 2008

by Lane Klozier

Ah, the festival season is upon us. Time for walking around barricaded streets packed with people who are wearing all the wrong things while enjoying a cold hot dog and a hot beer.

Actually; I jest. Milwaukee is probably the greatest summer festival scene on the planet. At the present time we have already enjoyed many great ones such as Locust Street, Riversplash and the grandaddy of ‘em all Summerfest. More to come.


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Cascio Interstate Music Groove Garage stage at Summerfest

Brew City Sludge - June 2008

by Lane Klozier

Klozier here
Summer’s coming. And so is Summerfest.

A lot of people may not even know that the Big Gig is the largest outdoor music festival in the world. This is usually about the time I start ranting and raving about how more focus should be paid to local talent. However, I have good news on that front.

This will be the second year for the Cascio Groove Garage Stage. The stage will feature local and regional original bands and is sponsored by Cascio Interstate Music and WMSE. I spoke with Elliott Hill of Cascio Music who has been one of the top pioneers of the endeavor. “We’re really excited about giving the city a chance to see so many bands every day that they might not be able to see in any given year. We worked hard at looking at all genres from young punk bands to established acts. We feel that the city has a vast amount of talent in so many areas and that our stage gives a great representation of that fact,” he said. The talent pool is indeed well-represented with bands ranging from acts that are all teens to players who are seasoned veterans of the scene. One thing I want you all to keep in mind that no bands are being paid for their performance, so, when you head down to the fest to visit this stage (and I know you will) pick up a CD or a t-shirt that anyone might be selling to say thanks to these pillars of our musical society. For all info go to and check the listings.


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