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Rusty Anderson with Paul McCartney

Rusty Anderson

An interview with Paul McCartney guitarist, Rusty Anderson
by Tina Hall
November 2010

Rusty Anderson developed a love of music at an early age. He was given his first electric guitar when he was 8. His passion for music led him to form his first band, Eulogy, at the age of 13, where he also worked as the primary co-songwriter. The hard rock band was together for six years.During that time they opened for bands like The Police, Van Halen, Quiet Riot, and the Motels. Though they did earn an audition with Clive Davis at for Arista Records, the band was never signed. He later went on to form The Living Daylights, a progressive rock band that gave Anderson his first chance to work as the primary songwriter.

Later still he co-founded the band Ednaswap, which released four records on East West/Elektra Records. Natalie Imbruglia had a hit with her cover of their song “Torn”. After the band disbanded in 1999 Rusty went on to work in the studio for some rather impressive artists. Elton John, Willie Nelson, The Wallflowers, Jewel, Santana, Stevie Nicks, and Joe Cocker were just a few of the musicians he worked with. Rusty joined Paul McCartney on the album “Driving Rain”. The tour in support of the album found Anderson playing at venues like The Coliseum in Rome and Red Square in Russia. He is also a solo artist. His debut album, “Undressing Underwater”, has the track “Hurt Myself” which features Paul McCartney and the other members of The Paul McCartney Band.

His latest solo effort “Born on Earth” is available now. He also continues to work with artists like Regina Spektor, Gwen Stefani, Nelly Furtado, Corinne Bailey Rae, Ozzy Osbourne, Neil Diamond, and Matthew Sweet.

Maximum Ink: Can you tell us a little about where you are from, how that has made you who you are, and what makes you tick?
Rusty Anderson: I grew up in La Habra, CA. Which is north Orange County. Sort of an anywheresville kinda place. When I was 5 I heard my older sister playing Beatles records and I instantly knew that music was my passion. It was right around the time my older brother died of a kidney issue (he was 19 and I was 5). Looking back I think that the ethereal, ineffable, invincible fantasy aspect of music was a way to escape the sadness of real life. My dad gave me my first electric guitar at age 8. It was a Kent guitar and little amp. I wish I still had it. I started a band with my friends and have been in one pretty much ever since. I’ve always been more interested in music and art that is unique, colorful and inspired as opposed to most of the mainstream, ubiquitous and predictable stuff, and have been on a constant search for that ever since. Although sometimes the most simple seemingly generic chord progressions can make the most amazing songs…it’s an enigma!


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