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former UW Badgers Women's Hockey goalie allanah McCeady comes back to the Madcity!

Madcity Nights - May 2018

Show Previews around the Madcity
by Max Ink
May 2018

Show Previews around the Madcity for May 2018


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Wurk plays 420 Fest on Friday, April 20th at the Brink Lounge

Madcity Nights - April 2018

Previews for shows around the Madison area
by Max Ink
April 2018

April 2018


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Madcity Nights - March 2017

Previews of shows around the Madison, Wisconsin area for March 2017
by Max Ink
March 2017

Previews of shows around the Madison, Wisconsin area for March 2017


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Wifee and the HuzzBand performing AtwoodFest on Saturday, July 25

AtwoodFest 2015

AtwoodFest 2015 July 25-26
by Rökker
July 2015

AtwoodFest comes back to Madison’s east side on July 25-26 and organizers have put together an amazing list of activities including the Eastside Eats Raffle, Little Library community art project, more crafts and food vendors, and even a parade to kick it all off called “Convergence”.

A new website was launched at that is optimized for a smartphone. Everything,  including stage schedules, can be accessed with your thumb. Just click the yellow button at top right. Click on an artist’s name in the schedule and you’ll be taken to a profile page that has pictures, video, audio, descriptions, links and more. You can easily have your beer in one hand and AtwoodFest in the other!

The Harmony Bar Stage and Alchemy Cafe Stage will feature blues, funk, rock, country, hip-hop, reggae, disco, and indie artists from Nashville, Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Boston, Sturgeon Bay, as well as some of the best Madison based artists. The KidsFest stage will feature acts that will appeal to both kids and adults alike.

AtwoodFest 2015 Artists:

SheShe - SHESHE is a contemporary folk-rock band featuring bold ensemble vocals and driving improvisational instrumentals.  SheShe is Julia McConahay (fiddle/vox), Shannon Callaway (drums), and Dana Perry (guitar/vox). SheShe made a stunning and very well received cameo appearance at AtwoodFest 2014 filling in for a band facing a late arrival.


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Brian Koenig of Lords of the Trident - photo by James Pederson

Madcity Nights - June 2015

by Rökker
June 2015

Madcity Nights is a monthly column previewing live music shows in the Madison, Wisconsin area, with unique descriptions, information and sometimes a good tip to help you make your entertainment choices.


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Bridget Maniaci and Scott Resnick, both running against Madison's incumbent Mayor Paul Soglin

The Race For Mayor of Madison

Interview with two candidates for Madison Mayor 2015
by Rökker
January 2015

The primary election for the mayoral race in Madison is Tuesday, February 17, 2015. The pundits have been analyzing the candidates on everything from economic to evironmental policy beliefs and everything between, except music. It occurred to me that we always find out how supportive, or unsupportive, a mayor is for the music scene “after” being elected to office. There are two candidates that are young, bright, and bring a lot of energy and passion to the table. They are people that I have seen out at shows around town.Those two candidates are Bridget Maniaci and Scott Resnick. I thought it would be interesting to get their viewpoint on four simple questions.

Both Bridget and Scott have attended UW-Madison and served on the Madison Common Council. Bridget left office to complete a Masters of Science Public Policy & Public Management at Carnegie Mellon University while Scott has been Vice President of Hardin Design & Development as well as currently still serving on the city’s common council.

Resnick’s company, Hardin D&D, was named by Madison Magazine as one of the city’s best places to work and Bridget was named in Brava Magazine’s “Women to Watch” in 2014. You can get all the info on both candidates at their websites and


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Atwood Summerfest - 2013

by Rökker
July 2013

Hello everyone and welcome to the 31st annual Atwood Summerfest, Madison’s favorite smallest, big, local, free, live music festival. It happens every year on the 2000/2100 blocks of Atwood Avenue in Madison on July 27 & 28. Besides live music, the event is family friendly (featuring the all new Kidfest) as well as eating and shopping at the many vendors that will line the street. Proceeds from the event benefit the Goodman Community Center.

Both stages kick off at 2pm each day and we put together a sampling of descriptions to help you plan your musical journey through Atwood Summerfest 2013.

see the full line up!


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Ben Masel imagery by Dan Goodrich

Ben Masel Day

420 is Ben Masel Day
by Rökker
April 2012

Last May, Madison’s city council along with mayor Paul Soglin passed a resolution (legislative file #22458)  “honoring the life of Bennett “Ben” Masel, his contributions to our community and declaring April 20th as “Ben Masel Day” in the City of Madison”. Ben Masel, the iconic Madison civil rights defender, passed away last April after a battle with cancer.

Here is the full text of the resolution from the city’s website,

“WHEREAS,  Bennett “Ben” Masel was a fierce defender of personal and civil liberty, a champion of the Constitution, the rule of law and the founding faith that the freedoms outlined in the Bill of Rights were not just ideals, they were practical tools to be used on a daily basis to challenge power; and

WHEREAS, Ben Masel peacefully fought for his rights with courage, cleverness, and joy; and


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Founded March 7, 1996

15 Year Anniversary Issue

Founded March 7, 1996
by Rökker
March 2011

Maximum Ink was founded on March 7, 1996. There was no article this issue, just a celebratory cover image.


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WJJO program director Randy Hawke with calendar girls Jess & Shilo

JJO Band Camp

an interview with WJJO Program Director Randy Hawke
by Rökker
August 2010

Willow Island at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison becomes JJO Band Camp on Saturday, August 14th. The outdoor music festival has been growing since it’s inception in 2003, attracts some of the world’s biggest names in modern metal, and is put on by Madison’s solid rock.. er ahhh.. metal radio station… 94.1 WJJO and promoters Frank Productions.

Randy Hawke is program director for WJJO, a station that went from classic rock to “solid rock” around 13 years ago. He has been in radio for 19 years and has also been PD of WAPL in Appleton as well as WLUM in Milwaukee.

MAXIMUM INK: How did Band Camp get started?
RANDY HAWKE: The name came about when Blake Patton and I were brainstorming what we wanted to call our show and we made a deal that the title could not end in Fest, Stock or Palooza. The location was Fred Frank.  He starts a lot of sentences with “Hey Randy what do you think about ….” One of those sentences were completed with “having a huge festival on willow Island next to the Alliant.” Band Camp was born.  Crazy thing was for the first year we had to spend more time telling people where Willow Island was than who was playing. No event of Band Camps magnitude had ever been held out there. Band Camp put Willow Island on the map.  LITERALLY!


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