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16 second stare

16 Second Stare

An interview with Chris Davis and Tim Shanks
by Tina Hall
September 2010

The industrial metal band, 16 Second Stare recently released their second album “16 Second Stare” on Goomba Music. Frontman Chris Davis steps out from behind the drums and is joined by guitarist Tim Shanks, Brando Foor on drums, and Ryan Hand on bass to provide a sound that is often called..angry. The band will be hitting the road in support of their sophomore album with the 16 Second Models (girls in fishnets and heels that introduce the band and hang out with fans) in tow. I recently caught up with Chris Davis and Tim Shanks to see what the band is up to next.

Maximum Ink: Who are some of the artists that have influenced the 16 Second Stare sound?
Chris Davis: We were influenced by some of the hard rocking bands like Pantera, Marylin Manson, Sevendust, Metallica, Mudvayne, Advenged Sevenfold, White Zombie and KoRn to name a few.

MI: At what age did you know this was what you wanted to do? What do you think you’d of been if not a musician?
CD: At the age of 4 when my dad gave me a drum set. I honestly think if I wasn’t involved in music in some way, I would die.
Tim Shanks: I knew I wanted to be a musician since the age of 12, but if I didn’t become a musician I would be an administrator.


Aerial photo of Summer Camp 2011 - photo by Jason Kaczorowski

2012 Summer Camp – Where Musical Memories Are Made

Summer Camp 2012 - remember that one time, at band camp?
by Sal Serio
April 2012

Ah, Summer Camp. Two words that kickstart memories of canoe races, archery, roasting marshmallows, painting t-shirts… hula hoops, glow sticks, and Jane’s Addiction. Wait, what?! Those last three don’t sound like the summer camp you remember? Then you must not have been to the Summer Camp Music Festival!

Now in it’s 12th season, Summer Camp is the brainchild of Jay Goldberg Events, JAM Productions, and the bands moe. and Umphrey’s McGee. Taking place near the Illinois River on Memorial Day weekend just outside the sleepy rural burg of Chillicothe, Illinois, this three day festival features an exceptional line-up of bands and artists from multiple genres, plus more fun activities than you can shake a tambourine at. In fact, it’s near impossible to take it all in!


7 Seasons Deep

7 Seasons Deep

An interview with Shawn Anthony Brown
by Teri Barr
March 2014

If the bands “Last Crack,” “Faces for Radio,” or “The Viskus Circle” sound familiar; then the recent combination of some of the groups various members ensures their new project, “7 Seasons Deep,”won’t be a stranger for long.

Four well-known, well-honed Madison-based musicians—lead singer Shawn Anthony Brown, along with Jayme Poster on lead guitar, Denny Carney playing bass, and Tim Schmitt on drums—are the heart and soul of what’s described as the straight forward, bluesy, hard rock sound of “7 Seasons Deep.”


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7 Seasons Deep - Jayme Poster on guitar and Shawn Anthony Brown on Vox - photo by David Luciano

7 Seasons Deep

An interview with Shawn Anthony Brown and Jayme Poster from 7 Seasons Deep
by Mike Huberty
May 2016

Using 90s-style grungy hard rock as their launching point, 7 SEASONS DEEP is the result of former LAST CRACK singer Shawn Anthony Brown and RAPSCALLION guitarist Jayme Poster joining forces with Madison music scene stalwarts, drummer Tim Schmitt and bassist Denny Carney. We took a few minutes to talk with singer Brown and guitarist Poster about their upcoming June performances as well as the new record which they’ve been recording with producer Paul Schluter (also former LAST CRACK rocker and current axeman in GOOD MORNING V) at Megatone Studios in Madison.


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The Funky Drummer Clyde Stubblefield 1943-2017 - artwork by Cody Banks

A Tribute To Clyde Stubblefield 1943-2017

an interview with Joey B. Banks and Carolynn Schwartz Black
by Teri Barr
March 2017

The crowd was at capacity for the most recent Funky Monday show with friends, family, supporters, and fans standing shoulder to shoulder at High Noon Saloon in Madison.

But for the first time, the star would not be leading the groove at this monthly musical gathering.

Clyde Stubblefield, the man known as the Funky Drummer for James Brown, had died of kidney failure on February 18, 2017. He was just 73-years-old, and for more than half of his life, had called the Madison area his home.

Clyde had many friends, but few may have known him as well as two of his bandmates in the Clyde Stubblefield All-Stars. I talked with singer Carolynn Schwartz Black and fellow drummer Joey B. Banks about Clyde’s influence on their lives, and why they feel it is important to keep his memory alive.

Maximum Ink: You both knew Clyde a long time. How did you meet him?
Joey B. Banks:
We met in 1982 at Club De Wash in Madison at Paul Black’s Blue Monday show. We started hanging out together with a whole bunch of great area musicians, and many are still active and playing today.


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Alice Stuart

Alice Stuart

An interview with American Blues songstress Alice Stuart
by Tina Ayres
December 2014

American Blues and folksinger/guitarist Alice Stuart has toured with Van Morrison, Mississippi John Hurt, and many others. During the 1970’s she first gained notice as one of the only women in rock n roll to write her own music, front a male band, and play lead guitar. She can currently be found performing alongside Marc Willett (The Kingsmen) and Steven Flynn (Chuck Berry,Jr. Cadillac) in the band The Formerlys.

Maximumink: What was your childhood like? What are some of your most fond memories from those days?
Alice Stuart: My childhood was pretty miserable. My mom parked me at 2 years old with my aunt (her sister) and went off to work at Bechtel (of all places). She came home a couple times a year. Very sad for me. My aunt and I (although I learned a lot of practical things from her) were pretty much like oil and water trying to mix together. I was a nervous wreck, allergic to practically everything. All I cared about was music.
MI: Do you happen to remember what your very first favorite song was?
AS: Beethoven when I was playing piano, then Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis.
MI: What was it that first led you to discover your love of music?
AS: Always loved music. First piano, then drums, baritone ukulele, and then graduated to guitar.
MI: Why do you think music has always had such a strong appeal throughout time? Why do you the Delta style has always struck such a chord in the hearts of listeners?
AS: People need a connection to their soul and the Delta style really connects you. It’s the real deal. I still prefer it.


Brittany Shane

An Interview with Singer-Songwriter Brttany Shane
by John Noyd
June 2012

Eighteen year old Baraboo native Brittany Safranek moved to San Francisco with plans to stay a year before hitting L.A. She established herself as a folk-singer, recording three well-received CDs and rubbing elbows with celebrities from Peter Frampton to Chris Isaak, but ten years, a name change and a half a dozen day jobs later Brittany Shane decided to pull up stakes again and make Austin her new home. Part of her reason was how much it reminded her of Madison. Two years and already an established fixture with weekly gigs, Brittany revisits Wisconsin this July with a sparkling new CD, “Loud Nights on a Short String,” and many warm memories. 

“I miss so many things about Madison, “ Brittany recently wrote, “going to the Terrace and watching music by the lake during a warm summer night or grabbing a coffee at Michelangelo’s in the morning and walking down State Street.” “I’ve had the opportunity to travel around the U.S. four times on tour, and I’ve gotta say, Madison is still one of my favorite cities.”

When asked about her experiences forging a musical career and what she learned from integrating herself into three cities’ scenes Brittany confessed she has five big lessons she learned along the way

1. Never turn down an invitation. If someone invites you to a show or a party, go.. You never know who you might meet or what might happen from there. Things happen and start to move when you meet new people.
2.  Just ask, you never know, that person might just say…yes! I have been told many times that a producer or well-known guitar player might be too busy for me, but I went up and asked anyway. The majority of the time, they actually said yes or it led to a project later.
3. Its ok to put the guitar down. It’s very important to know when to take a break. The world won’t pass you up if stop playing because you are tired. Try another creative project for a bit, relax or better yet, go out and see some great live music. Be the audience for awhile and get inspired again. Then get back out there with the energy to put on a good show. 
4. Be nice, talk to everyone from the person doing your lights to the next band. The music world is actually quite small and you’ll probably bump into them again.
5. Don’t take things too seriously. Have fun, be yourself and most importantly, laugh!

Co-produced by Austin’s talented George Reiff (Court Yard Hounds) and Scrappy Jud Newcomb (Ian ‘Mac’ McLagan & The Bump Band), “Short String,” also enlists Dony Wynn (Robert Palmer) and Johnny Goudie (Skyrocket) to support Brittany’s rockin’ and boppin’ Southwestern alt-pop potions. Showcasing her batter-dipped ballads at Madison’s Frequency July 13th along with The Deadbeat Club, the prodigal daughter will surely shine. A candid sample of impromptu Brittany can be heard when she visits WORT’s, “In Her Infinite Variety,” noon, July 8th.


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