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Dweezil Zappa and his band

Madcity Nights - November 2018

Show Previews for Madison and surrounding areas
by Max Ink
November 2018

This month in Madcity Nights show previews: Let’s Go Democrazy, Mollie O’Brien/Rich Moore, The Fuss, Cursive, A Perfect Circle, Jim Liban, Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band, Dweezil Zappa, Ezra Furman, Howard Levy Four, Fareed Haque


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Founded March 7, 1996

15 Year Anniversary Issue

Founded March 7, 1996
by Rökker
March 2011

Maximum Ink was founded on March 7, 1996. There was no article this issue, just a celebratory cover image.


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16 second stare

16 Second Stare

An interview with Chris Davis and Tim Shanks
by Tina Hall
September 2010

The industrial metal band, 16 Second Stare recently released their second album “16 Second Stare” on Goomba Music. Frontman Chris Davis steps out from behind the drums and is joined by guitarist Tim Shanks, Brando Foor on drums, and Ryan Hand on bass to provide a sound that is often called..angry. The band will be hitting the road in support of their sophomore album with the 16 Second Models (girls in fishnets and heels that introduce the band and hang out with fans) in tow. I recently caught up with Chris Davis and Tim Shanks to see what the band is up to next.

Maximum Ink: Who are some of the artists that have influenced the 16 Second Stare sound?
Chris Davis: We were influenced by some of the hard rocking bands like Pantera, Marylin Manson, Sevendust, Metallica, Mudvayne, Advenged Sevenfold, White Zombie and KoRn to name a few.

MI: At what age did you know this was what you wanted to do? What do you think you’d of been if not a musician?
CD: At the age of 4 when my dad gave me a drum set. I honestly think if I wasn’t involved in music in some way, I would die.
Tim Shanks: I knew I wanted to be a musician since the age of 12, but if I didn’t become a musician I would be an administrator.


Milwaukee's 1956, the band..

1956 The Band

by Mario Martin
April 2005

All too often, too much emphasis is put on those who create music rather than the music itself. Jim Morrisson saw it and performed whole concerts with his back to the audience. Trent Reznor saw it and performed most of his last tours’ shows behind a curtain. Slipknot saw it and began only going by band numbers behind masks. 1956 is an interesting paradox: similar, yet different.

Placing all the importance on the music, 1956 has been able to alienate the atypical image of the rock band whose visibility and publicity outshines the mediocrity of the music. That is not so with 1956. An assemblage of three men, all dedicated to the creation of strong rock music since 2001, 1956 enter the venue prepared for an aural, yet visceral, onslaught of sounds, pushed to the limits of conventional musicianship.


Aerial photo of Summer Camp 2011 - photo by Jason Kaczorowski

2012 Summer Camp – Where Musical Memories Are Made

Summer Camp 2012 - remember that one time, at band camp?
by Sal Serio
April 2012

Ah, Summer Camp. Two words that kickstart memories of canoe races, archery, roasting marshmallows, painting t-shirts… hula hoops, glow sticks, and Jane’s Addiction. Wait, what?! Those last three don’t sound like the summer camp you remember? Then you must not have been to the Summer Camp Music Festival!

Now in it’s 12th season, Summer Camp is the brainchild of Jay Goldberg Events, JAM Productions, and the bands moe. and Umphrey’s McGee. Taking place near the Illinois River on Memorial Day weekend just outside the sleepy rural burg of Chillicothe, Illinois, this three day festival features an exceptional line-up of bands and artists from multiple genres, plus more fun activities than you can shake a tambourine at. In fact, it’s near impossible to take it all in!


Don Bakken of Last Crack - photo by Nick Berard

3 For The Price Of 1 - My Fair Share - Don Bakken - The Moments

by Sal Serio
June 2010

3 For The Price Of 1 - My Fair Share - Don Bakken - The Moments

Sal Serio runs through 3 CD’s from regional artists


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30 Seconds To Mars on the cover of Maximum Ink - March 2005 - photo by Jenn Dohner

30 Seconds To Mars

by Sarah H. Grant
March 2007

Escape. It’s why we crank the volume up to ungodly decibels when driving alone late at night. It’s why we have iTunes programmed onto every useless gadget that we lug around 24/7. It’s why we reach for the headphones, even when we’re about to pass out, just to listen to that song. Music is the lung of our spirit. It gives us a break from the Earth so we can breathe in the Milky Way. Four guys named Jared, Shannon, Tomo, and Matt are already there.

30 Seconds to Mars is a novelty of modern rock. Their self-titled 2002 album settled rumors that lead singer/guitarist, Jared Leto, was not some bored wash-up from Fight Club, but a multi-talented rock titan on the stage. With the blood-thirsty critics at bay, the group as a whole perfected their musicianship on 30STM’s sophomore album, A Beautiful Lie. The band does an impeccable job of keeping what their fans lovethe swirling, intricate guitar solos and a far-out rock vibewhile not shying away from deeper material.


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