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4 Aspirin Morning

4 Aspirin Morning

An interview with Madison ska-punkers 4 Aspirin Morning
by Mike Huberty
November 2012

As one of the busiest bands in Madison, 4 ASPIRIN MORNING has been kicking around the scene since 2009 as a mobile party unit unloading their classic ska-punk for a rabid and expanding fanbase far beyond the rude boys and girls traditionally associated with the genre. They’ve shared the stage with Third Wave Ska stalwarts like MUSTARD PLUG and DEAL’S GONE BAD, all the while integrating elements of metal and hard rock to put their own spin on the genre into a head-banging, fist-pumping, skanking buck wild cocktail. Their new release, “Skanks 4: The Memories”, will be unleashed on November 24th at a special release party called “Skanksgiving” at The Brink Lounge in Madison. Max Ink took some time to talk to singer Chandon Vicarious, bassist Drew Ferguson, sax player Mooney Soho, trombonist Stranger D. Davenport, trumpet man Joey Underfuck, and guitarist LeX, in anticipation for the new collection of tracks.


500 Miles to Memphis

500 Miles To Memphis

by Mike Huberty
April 2010

Continuing in the great Ohio cowpunk tradition of artists like TWO COW GARAGE and DAVID ALLEN COE, Cincinnati’s 500 MILES TO MEMPHIS (named after the distance from their home city to the birthplace of rock n’ roll)  blends roots, punk, and country with influences like Green Day and Ben Folds to Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard. They just released their newest record, We’ve Built Up To Nothing on Valentine’s Day and are touring the country to support the release.

“It was Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen”, says main songwriter and frontman, Ryan Mallot, is the first song that inspired him to be a musician. “I had a fake microphone and would sing Queen all day long and it just grew from there.” So he got the bombastic rock in right away, but started into Americana early as well. “When I listen to country it’s a lot of older stuff. When you first learn to play guitar it’s just way easier to play.”


Ace Frehley - photo by Kevin Britton

Ace Frehley

by Sal Serio
November 2009

Legendary lead guitarist Ace Frehley is no stranger to playing Madison, Wisconsin, having appeared here no less than seven times with his former group KISS, but November 7th’s Majestic Theatre show will mark the first time Frehley has played MadTown as a solo performer. In fact, the Majestic gig will be only the fifth live performance he’s made since the release of his long awaited CD Anomaly this past September. Wisconsin’s Frehley fanatics are also lucky enough to witness a November 6th appearance at Potawatomi’s Northern Lights Theater in Milwaukee. I asked Ace about his recently postponed Australian tour, which will be another first for Frehley as a solo performer.


Bela Fleck and the Flecktones on the cover of Feb 2012 Maximum Ink

Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

An Interview with Banjo Banshee Bela Fleck
by John Noyd
February 2012

You have not heard the banjo until you’ve heard BELA FLECK play the banjo. Not just because of his jaw-dropping talent for lightning-fast runs and twisted knuckle-busting riffs but because he places the instrument in unusual settings and manages to make it sound perfectly natural. For decades, the FLECKTONES have found new ways to present musical conundrums that are easy to love. A Madison favorite, the band recently reunited their original line-up to produce last year’s awesome, “Rocket Science.” As the quartet prepares to swing by Madison’s Union Theater March 1st, MAXIMUM INK managed to snare Bela for some questions about the reunion, the new album and this year’s tour.

MAXIMUM INK: It’s great to hear the original line-up back together.  With everyone’s extremely busy schedule was it difficult for everyone to drop their other projects and concentrate on an album and tour?
BELA FLECK: There was a lot of enthusiasm for the idea of going back to the old sound. Victor, Future Man and I were ready to have a musical adventure again. When we contacted Howard Levy about filling the Jeff Coffin slot (which was Howard’s 17 years ago) he could see the potential for an interesting reunion as well. We decided on giving it a full year’s commitment, and doing new music together, and that combination of parameters gave it some heft. Having a planned ending has made every gig special.


Bradley Fish is back in the states! - photo by Rökker

Bradley Fish

conversation with a musical nomad
by Troy Johnson
September 2010

Bradley Fish has become the ultimate nomad. It makes sense though, he’s been perfecting it most of his adult life along with his passion, music.

A musical chameleon with a music degree to match, Bradley left his native Illinois for the much more liberal Madison, Wisconsin in the mid 1990’s and literally lived in a tent in a friend’s back yard while giving guitar lessons to local students. He also played many a night on State Street and could always be spotted with a guitar, head full of dreadlocks and a tie-dye t-shirt.

Eventually, the success of lessons, shows and street playing allowed him to set up his own place and live life from music. His solo shows were “one man band” style, and he wore bells, shakers and other noise makers on his legs and feet and play guitar, dulcimer, Chinese zither and whatever other instrument he could find. Bradley is also part comedian and his laugh is infectious. Some of his videos on YouTube feature this “humor” with his controversial song “Jewish Girl Blues.” Totally tongue in cheek, the song pokes fun at the plight of Jewish men who are pressured by old tradition to find and marry a Jewish girl, only in this video, he marries a few to cover the bases.

Besides playing as a one man band/comedian, Bradley has been in a ton of bands. In the mid-nineties, Bradley enlisted the help of a plethora of local Madison all-stars to play in his band, The Aquarium Conspiracy, and record on his first album. After some success it was hard to keep the “band” booked as scheduling of “all-stars” isn’t so easy.

The late nineties put the hippy in Bradley out to dry when he hooked up with Rökker, Philly, Mike McGinnis and Jeff Muendel to re-package the old Aquarium Conspiracy music plus new songs to a heavier format… a ROCK BAND called Bradley Fish’s Electrifried Band. Zany publicity stunts propelled his popularity, but something still seemed missing.

Following his mother’s advice to visit Israel, Bradley sold off most of his belongings, shipped the guitar and Marshall amp to his new home in Tel Aviv where he would work for the high-level audio software company Waves as well as get signed to Sony Records to sell CD’s full of loops. But Tel Aviv didn’t suit him so off to Jerusalem he went where he started a recording studio in his apartment just off the market. But the nomad in him would strike again.

Before he sold off all his belongings and shipped the rest back to the states, Bradley recorded his new album “Time To Rise”. Set to be released on October 12th at the High Noon Saloon in Madison, “Time To Rise” will take Bradley across the country as he promotes and tours in total DIY fashion. You see, Bradley purchased a big, purple van which you can’t miss. Instead of the tent, or an apartment or home, he has trimmed his possessions to the minimum and uses a fusion of old and new technologies to make the “Purple People Eater”, his fond name for it, into a mobile home/office, decreasing his lodging expense.

Bradley also went back to his one-man-band show but this time it’s a complete mix of analog and digital as he uses the laptop to control the layers of his improvisational playing on the many different instruments in his possession. Guitar and dulcimer remain his favorites while he incorporates bass, drum loops and “other” sounds into his repertoire.

Here is my conversation with adventure looping musician Bradley Fish. He is back in the Midwest after his 6 year residence in Israel and touring this fall with a new album.

Maximum Ink: Bradley, Are you a one man show or would you rather mash with others?
Bradley Fish: I love playing in bands. I must have been in a few hundred of them, practically every style you can imagine and have learned from a ton of great musicians over the years. The thing is, bands have a 99.9% chance of breaking up and solo acts are the inverse of that. So in a business that’s already known for being very unstable, being a solo act lets me enjoy a certain degree of stability. Plus, as a solo act, I can decide to rehearse spontaneously at 4 in the morning, make radical changes in a musical direction, or play a freaky gig for naked desert-trance-hippies for gas money and organic yogurt - without consulting or convincing anyone and still keep the act together for years on end.


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Bradley Fish

Bradley Fish - 2006

Article from Jerusalem Post
by Max Ink Writer List
February 2006

Jerusalem Post, by Gavriel Fiske: If you live in the capital you’ve probably seen the signs offering a free guitar lesson alongside the huge logo of a fish with guitar strings instead of scales. Pretty weird, right?

It turns out that recently arrived master guitar teacher Bradley Fish is advertising his services, which also include music production in his Nahlaot studio. Back in Madison, Wisconsin he had a long waiting list of clients, and he aims to duplicate that success in Jerusalem.


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Colt Ford

Colt Ford

An interview with Country Music's Colt Ford
by Tina Hall
April 2011

Colt Ford was introduced to country fans on his debut album Ride Through the Country, which included a unique take on Gene Watson’s “No Trash In My Trailer.” The album also featured appearances by artists Jamey Johnson, Bone Crusher, Adrian Young of NoDoubt, and Jeremy Popoff of Lit. Ford has three albums to his credit and three singles that reached the Hot Country Songs charts. The single, “Country Thang,” off his upcoming studio album titled Every Chance I Get recently debuted on the country singles chart. Maximum Ink had a chance to catch up with Ford in a very honest one-on-one interview.

Maximum Ink: What was it like growing up in Georgia?
Colt Ford: Georgia was the best place in the world for me and where I will always call home. I had everything I needed there— great hunting and fishing— and a great place for sports. Just good country living.

MI: Do you have any amusing stories from your childhood to share with our readers?
CF: I have so many. We would never finish this interview. I have amazing parents, great friends, and great family. My early life was really special. Now, I have a wonderful wife who is my best friend and two great kids. I guess every day is special for me.


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