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Machine Head on the cover of Maximum Ink in September 1999

Machine Head

by Liz Ciavarella
September 1999

With their debut of Burn My Eyes, MACHINE HEAD has transcended the masses with a bludgeoning sound so consuming; so biting; so immensely pit worthy that listeners have been known to trash bedrooms, obliterate venues, stomp, kick, scream,  and sucka punch their friends. With a knee to the cranium, fist to the grill,  overheated speakers, angry mothers, MACHINE HEAD have reaped mayhem in only the most admirable ways from their very inception . The More Things Change saw the band in a more mature light: Still chock fulla aggression yet more refined and appealing to their less militant fans. 1999 sees the band offering up their most mature release yet. Coming this month on Roadrunner Records, The Burning Red is essentially a collection of the band’s most potent qualities; Heavy, emotional, gripping bombastic.

Ahrue Luster,  who replaces guitarist Logan Madder, is a more than natural progression. In fact, there’s something refreshing about the addition of Luster both in his sound and his overall personality. No attitudes, no image and no gimmicks. Just straight up MACHINE HEAD. Maximum Ink caught up with Ahrue Luster and spoke with him about the past and future .


Madcity's Mackenzie Moore

Mackenzie Moore

Girl’s Rock Camper Steps Out
by Teri Barr
September 2018

It’s hard to believe she’s just starting her senior year of high school. But Mackenzie Moore has an old soul, and it comes out in her music. The Roxbury/Sauk City native has been writing her own songs for a while, and recently released her first album, “Veins,” with the support of some local musicians she met when she attended Girls Rock Camp Madison. But Mackenzie is just getting started, and she talked with me about her inspiration, what to expect when you go to one of her shows, and why her goal really isn’t that far out of reach.

Maximum Ink: You started playing guitar more than 10 years ago. What inspired you to pick up a guitar? 
Mackenzie Moore:
I initially got into music by listening to classic rock radio, and my parents’ C.D.’s. My mom played guitar for a while when she was in elementary and middle school, so when I started at 7, I used her same classical guitar from the early 70’s.


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Mary Zimmer and Chela Harper of White Empress - photo by Ferris B Photography

Madcity Nights - April 2015

by Rökker
April 2015

Madison’s music scene offers something for everyone no matter where in the city they live!  TiP: Check out the “TiP” after each listing to more fully enjoy your nights out in Madcity!


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Brian Koenig of Lords of the Trident will play Bos Meadery 4/14/2017

Madcity Nights - April 2017

Show previews for Madison and the surrounding areas
by Max Ink
April 2017

April show previews for Madison and the surrounding areas


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Wurk plays 420 Fest on Friday, April 20th at the Brink Lounge

Madcity Nights - April 2018

Previews for shows around the Madison area
by Max Ink
April 2018

April 2018


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Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers

Madcity Nights - August 2015

What's happening around the Madison Music Scene for August 2015
by Max Ink
August 2015

Find out what’s gong on around Madison’s Live Music Scene for August 2015


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Cold Black River, Sons of Kong, Rogue Rat at Mr. Roberts poster

Madcity Nights - December 2016

upcoming shows in the Madcity area
by Max Ink
December 2016

Madcity Nights is a show preview column highlighting live music coming to the Madison area


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