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Kenny Wayne Shepherd on the cover of Max Ink for November 2018

Kenny Wayne Shepherd

An interview with Blues guitarist, Kenny Wayne Shepherd
by Mike Huberty
November 2018

Kenny Wayne Shepherd will be returning to the Barrymore in Madison on November 14th and he has a kinship with city that goes back a long time. “One of the radio stations there was one of the first, if not the first, in the entire country to add my first single into radio rotation.”, he says. “So I’ve always had a very special place in my heart for Madison just because they were out of the box one of the first cities outside of my hometown to support my music. Over the years we’ve always felt the love and support from the area. We connected with them a very long time ago and the connection has always stayed strong.”


Madison's Kelsey Miles on the cover of October 2018 Maximum Ink

Kelsey Miles

Singer/Songwriter Can’t Leave the Madcity
by Teri Barr
October 2018

Music healed me, and I owe it to music to help others heal.” -Kelsey Miles

It’s not just a simple quote from Kelsey Miles. The Ohio-born woman is a beauty, inside and out, and Wisconsin is fortunate she now considers Madison her home. Kelsey’s story, of the way she found music while in the midst of being focused on something very different, may amaze you. But it is also why she believe she can help music, help you, too. Kelsey will be releasing a few new, extended songs, during the next two months. But she has much more planned. And we can’t wait to see it happen.

Maximum Ink: Your decision to create your own music just started a few years ago which is amazing to me!
Kelsey Miles:
I’ve always liked to sing. I would make up little songs and such when I was younger, but it wasn’t until I moved to Wisconsin in 2013, I actually got involved with music. I picked up the guitar because I was going through a really rough time in my life. A friend of mine knew I liked to sing, and thought I might like learning how to play guitar, so she suggested I borrow hers and take a class. After some group lessons, we had learned a couple of chords. and I immediately began to write songs. It was a healing process for me. For the first time in my life


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Fiona Grey on the cover of Maximum Ink for September 2018

Fiona Grey

An interview with Dark Pop singer/songwriter, Fiona Grey
by Mike Huberty
September 2018

Fiona Grey is modern Top 40-ready Pop with a million dollar voice. Passionate and powerful, this Chicagoland native went west to LA to find her muse and has found success on a national tour with the band KITTEN (opening for huge artists like CHARLI XCX). Striking out on her own with her EP, Belladona, she’s following it up with a new EP Cult Classic coming out September 14th as well as a full North American tour. Her and her band are stopping by the Wisco on Sunday September 9th to play a show in Madison (this might be the only time that you get to see a mainstream-style Pop band at the Wisco, so it’s definitely gonna be something different for that place!) We talked to her about what everyone can expect for a Sunday night party on Willy Street.


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2018 Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Mike McCabe

Mike McCabe

Making His Case for Governor of Wisconsin
by Mike McCabe
August 2018

Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Mike McCabe states his case for his bid for governor in 2018 in this Op-Ed


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Kris Lager on the cover of Maximum Ink

Kris Lager Band

From Omaha to AtwoodFest 2018
by Tommy Rage
July 2018

A few rules to live by if you are a blues musician: Your happiness is directly linked to the day of the week, the preacher man is frequently of no comfort, and trusting people that you meet at the Crossroads is unwise. Unless you come upon a crossroad that leads you directly to AtwoodFest on Sunday July 29th, on the Madison Heritage Stage at 3:45 pm. The unique heavy soulful guitar workings of the Kris Lager Band bring foot-tapping blues and funky boogie-rhythm to the community festival.

The latest release from the Nebraska foursome Love Songs & Life Lines share the band’s tales from the road on songs like “Where The Green Grass Grows Tall” and “San Francisco Bound.”


Old Soul Society

Old Soul Society

An interview with Singer/Songwriter Derek Ramnarace from Old Soul Society
by Mike Huberty
June 2018

Blending sincere Folk with energetic Americana, singer-songwriter Derek Ramnarace and OLD SOUL SOCIETY can easily remind you of COUNTING CROWS one minute and THE BAND the next. Flanked by Ben Rohde on drums, Andrew Steeno on bass, Mark Davini on keys, Joe Gantzer on guitar, and WHEELHOUSE’s badass Kenny Leiser on violin and guitar, Ramnarace has assembled a killer lineup for his Baraboo-based band. Derek has been putting together the Ragged Roots festival in Wisconsin Dells for years and he took the Between The Waves festival lead duties after the tragic passing of his friend, Luke Jourgensen. OLD SOUL SOCIETY will be performing at the Between The Waves music festival on June 16th at the High Noon Saloon outdoor stage at 6pm, and BTW founder Roy Elkins has even lauded them as “Gregg Allman playing with Eric Clapton”! We talked with Derek about the band and his involvement with the festival to preview the show and the big event.


Kirstie Kraus on the cover of Maximum Ink for May 2018

Kirstie Kraus

Madison to Nashville and Back
by Teri Barr
May 2018

She was singing before she could talk. And Kirstie Kraus is still singing,  but now, it is more than she talks. Music has become her passion, her love, and her life.

Kirstie threw herself into her career, full-time, two years ago. Two years before that, she started her own band, Thirsty Jones. The Madison-based group quickly gained a following, and earned accolades. Kirstie wants to replicate, and increase the success she’s already had as a musician here. So I asked, is taking her efforts to Nashville, where she has to work even harder to create her music-magic, worth it? We also discussed why her upcoming single release is going to be one we’ll all want to be a part of, and when we can see her in our area this summer…


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Pat Furgeson on the Cover of Maximum Ink for April 2018 - photo by Ty Halbech

Pat Ferguson

by Teri Barr
April 2018

He isn’t new to the music scene, but Pat Ferguson has a new feeling about it. “There are exciting things happening right now for the groups coming out of Madison. Really exciting times around here,” Ferguson says.

And his own timing may be contributing to the excitement, as he is on the road promoting his first solo album, “Light of Day / Dark of Night,” after touring with a band for years. Pat also has a regular Wednesday night residency at HotelRED in Madison, which he says has helped fuel much of the material on the new album. Pat will be releasing the album for the first time at a show on April 27, 2018 at the Stoughton Opera House in Stoughton, and took time to answer our questions about this new stage of his career, and how he’s always been connected to music.


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Madcity's own Anna Wang - photo by Anna Wang

Anna Wang

an interview with Madison songwriter Anna Wang
by Teri Barr
March 2018

Anna Wang is no stranger to the area music scene. She made a big impression as lead singer and main songwriter for Anna Wang and The Oh Boys!, and in a 2012 Maximum Ink interview talked about sharing the power of songs, mixed with the joy of pop music, while taking on the world with her band. Some scheduling issues and line-up changes meant the eventual end of one project, some time off, and the creation of Tortoise and the Finch. Her talent helped take this duo to the top of the Project M Singer-Songwriter Competition in 2017. But even this success was short-lived. Anna is now a solo artist, but if you think it means she is quietly playing in a corner all alone, you don’t know Anna. She just released a new album of electronic-pop, and commands your attention—whether you are listening to her CD or watching her live—Anna is playing an entire band of instruments and every note of her songs. She’ll be joining with several other musicians, and sharing what she’s learned as part of a multi-part workshop, “The Six Questions of Songwriting,” starting Tuesday, March 6, 2018, 6:30-8:30 pm at 702 East Johnson Street in Madison, as well as solo shows including one she is really looking forward to at ArtIn on East Washington Avenue in Madison on May 17th. Keep reading to learn how Anna feels about being in this current place where she is in control of her music, and her life.


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An interview with bassist Pär Sundström
by Michelle Harper
February 2018

Nothing can prepare you for the epic sound of Swedish metal band Sabaton. Except maybe, a shield, sword and battle gear.

Sabaton, which translates into “a knight’s foot armor”, draws their musical inspiration directly from the great wars and battles throughout history. Their ninth album entitled “The Last Stand” was released in 2016 to rave reviews. Drawing inspiration from famous “last stands” in great historic battles, the songs in this concept album march from the triumphant echoes of victorious anthems to chanting battle cries in minor keys, each track masterfully depicting the spirit of heroic last efforts of soldiers of yore. The album’s first track entitled “Sparta” intensely recaptures the heroic yet tragic last stand of the famous “300” Spartans in the battle of Thermopylae. And the fast and furious driving sound of “Shiroyama” rigorously illustrates the last stand of the Samurai in the 1877 Samurai rebellion on Japan’s Mount Shiroyama.

Sabaton bassist and co-founder Pär Sundström talked with me about Sabaton’s partnership with international game developer and publisher Wargaming, a once-in-a lifetime fan experience and why he’s one of the few metal musicians who love sitting behind a desk doing office work.


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