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17-year-old Sam Lyons releases second album,

The Light

An Interview with 17-year-old Sam Lyons
by Geert Driver
June 2013

Sam Lyons is one of the most celebrated young musicians in the Madison area. He’s a talented songwriter, singer, and guitarist whose former bands Stereocolor and Moonjelly dominated the Launchpad awards a few years ago. He’s won 5 MAMA’s and is a MAMA finalist this year in several categories. He’s gone on to perform everywhere from NPR to Summerfest and has also been the guitarist for the Isthmus High School Jazz All Stars since 2010. Now 17, Sam has released his second full length album of original songs and is getting airplay on a few area radio stations. His new 6-piece band features Madison pros Al Falaschi (Phat Phunktion) and Dave Adler (The Gomers), and he also performs solo and with an acoustic trio. Hear his music on itunes or at


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Madison's Phox


by Mike Huberty
June 2013

Growing up in Milwaukee as a music-addicted teenager during the years of the Alternative Nation, we always got the big summer tours because of the proximity to Alpine Valley, but some of the smaller acts would often skip the city. Unless they were looking to fill a date between Chicago and Minneapolis, there were plenty of shows that we just didn’t get. That is, unless it was that blessed time between the last week of June and the first week of July. Milwaukee was the center of the live music universe for the 11 days of Summerfest. It was also a place my parents were fine with just dropping me and my friends off in the morning and picking us up when at night. But it was the place where you could see almost every good band that was touring that summer. Where else could you see The Lemonheads, Dio, and Ringo Starr ON THE EXACT SAME DAY?!? It’s like Lollapalooza with more diversity, every single day, and this year there are more great bands than ever.


Christopher Paul Stelling Live

Christopher Paul Stelling

An interview with singer-songwriter, Christopher Paul Stelling
by Mike Huberty
June 2013

A fingerpicking folk troubadour from Florida, Christopher Paul Stelling has been touring the country on his latest album, False Cities, released in May. He appears as part of the Shitty Barn Sessions in Spring Green, Wisconsin, on July 17th.

MI: So, what inspired you to start playing in the first place?
CPS: Honestly, Kurt (Cobain). Before that, as a kid, guitar culture was already everywhere, obviously, The Beatles, Beach Boys, and 70s singer-songwriters, but they were all boring, and seemed inauthentic to a young me. So that started it, but then everything associated with that seemed an imitation as well…and so I got into old country blues, and folk music, not “folk music”, but ya know, old stuff. And not as something just to imitate, everyone in that world had their own style within the genre… I like things a little feral, with mange and teeth.


Ian Anderson

Ian Anderson

An Interview With Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson On The 2013 Thick As A Brick Tour And July 22 Stop At Ravinia
by Gregory Harutunian
June 2013

Ian Anderson is best known as the frontman, singer-songwriter, musician, flute player, engineer, producer, and whatever other duties he will tell you regarding the legendary band, Jethro Tull. With more than four decades of performing under his belt, the last decade has seen him step out on his own projects. Distinctly Anderson, the music slides to the more melodic avenues in discovering instrumental nuances to dally with.

His own touring group consisting of bassist David Goodier, keyboardist John O’Hara, drummer Scott Hammond, and wunderkind guitarist Florian Opahle have performed with Ian on his solo dates, as well as having performed at various times as members of Jethro Tull. They all participated on the recent release, “Thick As A Brick 2,” an update companion to the original 1972 release which answers the question,” What ever happened to Gerald Bostock,” TAAB’s supposed writer.

Audiences got to find out firsthand last year, as the original TAAB was performed in its entirety for the first time since 1972 including the weather report and prostate awareness skits, that bookend with TAAB2. The 2013 tour extends the fun stateside through the month of July, concluding with a performance at the Highland Park (IL)’s Ravinia Festival ( on the 22nd. British singer Ryan O’Donnell, who has been active in the UK theatrical scene, was added to sing difficult vocal parts. Anderson wants to perform vocals and instrument parts as they appeared on the original THICK AS A BRICK.

A phone interview, conducted with Anderson, touched on the tour itself, the TAAB sequel, and what’s on his plate for future endeavors. What follows is an edited transcript of the conversation.

Maximum Ink: We last spoke three years ago, and I must update the more serious inquiries… what is your favorite color, and if you could be any tree, what would you be?
Ian Anderson: Still gray, a nice battleship gray. As for tree, still an oak. They’re slow growing, slow to mature, a bit grand, solid and decorative. Plus, they are quite useful, if you want to build a ship, sail around, and attack a small country far away, or something like that.


White Mystery - photo by Diane Alexander White

White Mystery

Live at Mickey’s, Fri. July 5, with The Arge & The Non Travellin’ Band
by Sal Serio
June 2013

Some sound advice from the Salamander: do NOT go totally gonzo-party overboard this 4th of July, because you’ll most definitely want to save some energy for Friday the 5th and the stellar rock ‘n roll triple bill showcased at Mickey’s Tavern in Madison. Headlining (but playing second on the bill) is the garage-rock power-duo from Chicago: White Mystery! This is White Mystery’s first Madison appearance since opening for Shonen Knife at the UW Terrace last August.


Atwood Summerfest - 2013

by Rökker
July 2013

Hello everyone and welcome to the 31st annual Atwood Summerfest, Madison’s favorite smallest, big, local, free, live music festival. It happens every year on the 2000/2100 blocks of Atwood Avenue in Madison on July 27 & 28. Besides live music, the event is family friendly (featuring the all new Kidfest) as well as eating and shopping at the many vendors that will line the street. Proceeds from the event benefit the Goodman Community Center.

Both stages kick off at 2pm each day and we put together a sampling of descriptions to help you plan your musical journey through Atwood Summerfest 2013.

see the full line up!


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