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An interview with bassist Dan Maines
by Tina Hall
January 2011

The members of Clutch come from Maryland and West Virginia. Metal fans may have caught them this past summer on the Berzerkus Tour Festival with Black Label Society. The band is situated to have a busy year. They are set to tour with metal legends Motorhead. Furthermore, Clutch and their record label Weatherrmaker Music are currently putting the finishing touches on the deluxe, double disc re-issue of their classic album “Blast Tyrant.” This limited edition release includes 25 total songs, over 97 minutes of music, brand new artwork, and a 10 track bonus disc with four new songs.

Maximum Ink: Can you tell us a little about your background and where you are from? How do you think it has influenced your musical taste and style? When did you first know you wanted to become a musician?
Dan Maines: The four of us started playing music together in high school back in 1989. Growing up in the D.C. area exposed us to some great music like Fugazi, Bad Brains, and The Obsessed, as well as go-go bands like Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers. My brother had given me a Bad Brains cassette back in ‘87, which I wore out with the quickly. When I saw them play the 9:30 club, I was blown away and knew I wanted to be a part of that, so I bought a bass guitar.

MI: Who where some of your greatest influences?
DM: At the time the band formed, I was listening to a lot of heavy punk stuff like Nomeansno, Melvins, and Bad Brains. Eventually Jack Bruce, Geezer, and John Paul Jones were always in the back of my mind. I consider Charles Mingus to be the greatest bass player of all time.



Clutch (2018)

An interview with Clutch's Jean-Paul Gaster
by Tommy Rage
November 2018

Jean-Paul Gaster of Clutch talks about the band’s new album, going to high school dances and making his own bad decisions.


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vocalist Neil Fallon of Clutch - photo by Andrew Frey

Clutch - Neil Fallon

by Andrew Frey
August 2003

“I suppose anything, whether you like it or not, is an influence,” begins Clutch front man and vocalist Neil Fallon when queried about where the band’s inspiration comes from. “We try to be wide open to many different types of music. I think we find non-rock music the most interesting. After all, one can only do so much with drums, bass, guitar, and vocals. Most music in the world doesn’t use that setup and for us, those are the most interesting musics.  But of course, Led Zeppelin never fails.”

So how about the style of music then? Why has Clutch chosen play the style of music that they play? “Because we are the products of our time and environment,” replies Fallon matter of factly.


Coal Chamber on the cover of Maximum Ink in February 1998

Coal Chamber

by Paul Gargano
February 1998

A decade ago, glam bands ruled Los Angeles. As big hair poked the ozone, the Sunset Strip resembled a drag show, and talent was judged by the quality of your groupies, not the integrity of your music.

No one was really surprised when the scene became a parody of itself, but they might be surprised if they took a look at the new breed of bands forging a path through the spoils of outdated leather and spandex. Say hello to Korn, the Deftones, and the latest heavyweights to take up prominence on the downtuned metal scene: Coal Chamber.

Frontman Dez, guitarist Meegs, bassist Rayna, and drummer Mike are a truly motley crew that have spent the better part of the last year on the road with OzzFest, Megadeth and Pantera. Along with fellow newcomers Sevendust


Milwaukee's The Cocksmiths on the cover of Maximum Ink October 2007

The Cocksmiths

by Sarah H. Grant
October 2007

An interview with The Cocksmiths, a band featuring Milwaukee veterans Ryan Daniels, Matty Gonzalez, Joey Carini, Paris Ortiz and Dave Schoepke.


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by Chris Fox
February 2010

COLD will be heading through Wisconsin in early March. After a five year break, COLD plans to release a new album in May under the name “Epic.” There have been numerous lineup changes, band personnel issues, and label dramas and Scooter Ward (vocals) explains that it was a needed vacation from the band. They plan to come out with guns blazing in promotion of the forthcoming album on tour with Nonpoint. “We are in the same place when recording and playing live,” so they really can’t wait to hit the road.

The quintet pride themselves on writing soulful rock music. “It is rock from the heart,” explains Ward. They digress on style and allow the music to flow into whatever form it chooses. “We really don’t play for any specific style. When writing heartfelt music like this it just pours out… it’s really easy coming.” This emotional drive to their music has shown through, with songs like “13 Ways to Bleed On Stage,” upon listening you really get an understanding of what COLD is all about. “It’s definitely not forced, if we have to force a song it doesn’t happen.” The development of the band has been a long process but they are happy with what they have come to. “It really is how long we’ve been playing together that affects our sound… we really have come a long way.”


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Cold Black River

Cold Black River

The Soundtrack To The Journey Across The River Styx
by Sal Serio
April 2016

When I reviewed the Cold Black River CD E.P. ‘Hillbilly Zeus’ this past October, I coaxed descriptive associations using words like dark, disturbing, apocalyptic, and demonic. Upon further contemplation, that was quite accurate! It’s the soundtrack to the journey across the River Styx to the Land of the Dead. Your own journey will be far less perilous, as Cold Black River perform at The Frequency in Madison twice in April. Saturday, April 16, is Bomblastica 2016 (Maximum Ink’s 20th anniversary party) with Cold Black River, Motherhive, Subatomic, and Droids Attack. Saturday, April 30 features Cold Black River with The Garza and The Gran Fury.


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